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Ok, starting my own blog seemed like such a great idea on Saturday. I have been writing down ideas and muttering to myself for 2 days, but now that I am faced with a blank screen, all those great ideas and witty comments have vanished.  I may have to dig out my tape recorder so I can mutter into it when inspiration hits…but that would require finding it.  So maybe today I’ll start at the beginning – my apologies to the many who have already read portions of this, since I emailed a bunch of people I trust (or should I?) for moral support!

I went shopping with some special ladies at La Village (aka Value Village) Friday night. What started as an intimidating adventure, soon turned into a fantastic evening.  I wore my “new” sassy green boots on Saturday – an incredible find- and was feeling fabulous, when it dawned on me – I need a new hair style too, edgy with colour? Hmm…. Then my brainstorm!!  I turn 39 this year…so my new year’s resolution is to blog and this is my topic: This year, I’m choosing to have my mid-life crisis!

As the day progressed, so did the idea, from just frivolous and fun things…to maybe something more?  Over these last few years, God has been showing me how very beautiful I am to Him. He’s also given me a passion to share with other women because we are missing out on SO much! We hear so many voices telling us how to look, how to act, what “things” to be into – and when we’re not, when we don’t measure up (either in someone’s eyes or our own), we end up living under a shadow we can’t escape. We aren’t listening to the one Voice who can set us free.  I’ve tried to share some of this in Morning Break because regardless of who you are, or what age you are, we are all struggling with how we view ourselves. One of the things that challenged me in my small group last Fall, was to examine what I believe and how I came to believe it. I didn’t realize I believed I wasn’t meant to be happy or to feel like I fit in, or…or…or… Somewhere along the way I came to an “agreement” that those beliefs were true.  Not any more!

SO…I am going to try new things (sorry, no bungee jumping or sky-diving), I’m going to try to get in shape (I want to be a yummy-mommy), and I’m going to figure out who I am and what I want to do when I grow up! All within a budget, of course – no sipping wine on the patio in Paris or Roma! ~sigh~

Maybe my theme song should be “These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what I’ll do…”?

My sassy boots are the key!