Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

The Drive-In – small town family entertainment. I have happy memories of playing on the playground equipment at the foot of the board, while swatting mosquitoes and waiting for it to get dark enough to watch the first show. Then I’d crowd in the back seat and watch the movie through the space between my parents’ heads. The sound was tinny and the mosquitoes were bad, but when I drifted off to sleep during the second movie, I was happy…

Our Drive-In closed in the 80’s (with a brief operating period in the 90’s). I took a walk there in April with my Dad and 2 boys, and everything was still there. Even the playground equipment.

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Popular culture is drowning in princesses. It’s obvious in film, with Disney being the ultimate Princess movie factory. Growing up, I had a love affair with all the big ones – Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella. There were 3 other “princesses” with strong characters in the 70’s and 80’s to warp my self-esteem develop a strong character in me.

Before there was Mulan, there was Princess Diana of Themyscira, a.k.a. Wonder Woman. She first appeared in DC Comics in 1941. She is a warrior princess of the Amazon, who went by the name of Diana Prince on Earth. I watched her nearly every Saturday afternoon at 4 o’clock.  Wonder Woman had superior combat and battle skills, as well as the Lasso of Truth, her indestructible gold bracelets, and a tiara. She also possessed curves and didn’t try to hide them. Her vehicle of choice was an invisible jet. I’ll take a jet over a white horse any day!

Before there were Power Rangers, there were these guys:


Photo courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org

G-Force: Guardians of Space was an adaptation of a Japanese anime series (Science Ninja Team Gatchaman – 1972) which aired in 1986.  The team was a group of 5 teenagers trying to defend Earth against the evil aliens Galactor and Computor, along with their armies of androids and giant monster machines. Princess was my favourite character. She was a team player. She wore pink. She rode a motorcycle. And check out those boots again! Oh, yeah…she could also defend the Earth, and not by flippin’ her hair, batting her eyelashes, or being “charming”!

And finally, before there was Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones), Princess Leia was fighting to protect her home planet and regain her empire. She was a diplomatic and determined leader both in the board room and on the battlefield. She wasn’t afraid to fight on the frontlines alongside the rebels. And while she was pretty, she was also focused and passionate; she didn’t let anything (or anyone-wink wink) distract her from her goals.

I made this last night...because every little girl should have a Princess Leia Paper Doll!

I made this last night…because every little girl should have a Princess Leia Paper Doll!

To be honest, I enjoyed playing with my Barbies, but I also enjoyed running around the school yard with the boys. And to get to do it and be a princess was a win-win! I didn’t really want to be a delicate “flower” waiting in a tower for “my prince to come”. I wanted to be fighting alongside him for the greater good of humanity!

I still do!

To get your pattern for your own Princess Leia Paper Doll, click here.  Have a Happy Weekend!

The Kindest Cut of All

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense.

In the last year, 3 women in our church were diagnosed with breast cancer, 2 are close friends. All 3 have undergone surgery and combinations of chemo and radiation. They have all faced it with faith, courage, and quiet dignity. I know there were hard days that I didn’t hear about. There were tears that I didn’t see. There were questions for which there were no answers.

For these ladies, the “joy of the Lord is my strength”.(Neh. 8:10)

I admire them.

This week, I received a letter in the mail. Of course, it was a form letter, but it made me feel me feel good. When I heard about my friends, I wanted to do something, something good. But there was so little I could do. I prayed. I tried to encourage them. And I took a bold step. I cut my hair (sadly, with a few tears) and donated my ponytail to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. My ponytail will be combined with 5 others to make a real-hair wig, and distributed by the Canadian Cancer Society, at no cost, to a woman in need undergoing cancer treatments. I hope that what was often one of the biggest aggravations of my life (my hair) will help restore dignity and self-confidence into the life of someone living with cancer.

That makes sense.

Wilderness Wednesday: Purple

Today is for you, Marian, the author of Plain & Fancy Girl.  My friend, Marian shares a unique collection of notable quotes called “Purple Passages”, all neatly tied together with a big ribbon – probably a purple one, since that’s her favourite colour!

Spring also loves purple and I’m enjoying it as well in my own backyard!

“He wrapped himself in quotations – as a beggar would enfold himself in the purple of Emperors.” – Rudyard Kipling

Eat, Drink & Be…

It’s Victoria Day, a holiday in remembrance of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Loud-mouthed yahoos are setting fireworks off at all hours of the day and night.

For some, it’s the weekend to open the cottage or trailer; for others it’s the weekend to dig in and garden. Usually, it’s a great excuse to escape the city to visit my family. But this year, I was too tired after my adventure last weekend, and my house is such a state of disarray, that I elected to stay home and clean instead of joining the mass exodus!

But today, I choose to do this: Eat, Drink & Be Mary!

DSC_2812 (533x800)

Happy Victoria Day!

Awkward Family Photos

Gone are the days of 1990s family portraits when everyone in the picture wore the same outfit. Thank goodness!

We were watching The Goldbergs the other night, a fun family comedy set in the 1980s, complete with matching “Cosby” sweaters, big hair and acid wash jeans. See?

The Goldbergs – Season One

Somehow our own conversation drifted to awkward family group photos. I commented that we have very few full family photos, “especially not any with matching”….and my voice trailed off.

There is one. No one else remembered it. It was taken during a “Glamour Party” – the kind where you’re invited to get your hair and make-up done, and then pose for photos in different “outfits”…in exchange for your money. I didn’t think fast enough on my feet to say “no” and I had to go! One of my “outfits” could include my family…

Awkward Family Photo (645x800)

If I get 10 “likes”, I’ll post the rest of the photos…of me…

Happy Weekend!

Blue Cheese & Death Wings

They begged and pleaded but when the moment of truth came, they hesitated. I don’t blame them.

Our group was exhausted Friday night, having risen before the sun, crossing the border, and spending the day in worship and classes at the Christian Musicians Summit. For supper, someone suggested wings.

There must have been close to a dozen different flavours of wings in the menu, along with at least a dozen warning signs about the “heat” levels around the restaurant:

Wing Bucket

Here’s the question…if medium is “hot” and Hot is “very, very hot”, how hot are the wings several levels below that? How hot are the wings listed below “suicidal”? How hot are “death wings”?

The two teens we had with us begged our fearless leader to order death wings. He relented and ordered 5. They saved them until they had eaten their fill of the other spicy wings.

Our lead guitarist went first, but didn’t seem to have any reaction. Next fearless leader and teen #1 took a bite. Within a few seconds, both fearless leader and teen #1’s faces turned a little pink and their eyes watered. Fearless leader finished his wing, chewing with his mouth open. Teen #1 made a valiant attempt. There was a lot of gasping like a fish out of water…and a lot of water being consumed. The whole time, teen #2 was laughing…

Now it was her turn! Teen #2 took a bite and waited. She commented that it wasn’t “so bad”. Famous. Last. Words. Her laughter quickly faded, her smile dimmed, her eyes opened and the tears started to flow. She wasn’t crying; she was simply unable to stop the tears from streaming down her face. Then her nose started to run too. Her sips of water turned to guzzling. She threw herself across me, reaching for celery sticks. Someone suggested she try the blue cheese dip to soothe the burning.  Twenty minutes earlier she had whined that “blue cheese is so gross”. Now she was frantically searching the tabletop for the styrofoam cup. She dunked her celery sticks and as she chewed it (with her mouth open slurping in air to cool her tongue), and whined that it was “so disgusting” while dunking and biting off more. She tackled me a second time for more celery.

By now, Teen #1 had given up the battle, and was wrapping his wing in a napkin so he could dispose of it in the plastic bucket. No need to smear more sauce on his fingers. While we were distracted, Teen #2 started to use the celery stick to apply the blue cheese dip like lip gloss. If I ever see “Blue cheese lip gloss”, I’ll be sure to buy it just for her.

They both admitted it, that ordering death wings was a mistake. The 5th wing went to the compost heap, untouched.

At bedtime, as we turned out the light, Teen #2 groaned, “I can still feel the wings”!

I whispered back, “death wings”!