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Yesterday I popped into Costco to pick up some milk, and while I was there, I browsed through the book aisle…I rarely buy books, but it’s always worth a peek, and maybe, just maybe, I’d get some neat ideas to kick off my mid-life crisis in style.

I started off in fiction but got bored pretty quickly. Then three fat, short books (much like me) caught my attention – a series on how to play the guitar. I already have a book and cd to learn guitar and I started it when I was pregnant 6 years ago. I made it through the first 3 lessons before “Someone” objected to the noise (an apt description) and I had to quit! But the books kept mentioning “licks” and “chops”, and while these are probably technical terms, they just made me hungry!

So I moved on to the food section: mouthwatering recipe books. Where to begin? Diabetic Crock-Pot Cooking? No. Eating G-Free? Better not to comment where my mind went (naughty girl). What about The Hormone Diet? I’m not kidding – I’m not clever enough to come up with these titles myself! Whatever happened to cheesecake and chocolate? Moving on…

Over to the health section…a DVD set to help me get killer buns…my mind went back to food. Not good! Honestly, the wide range of books available to help me live a balanced, healthy, stress-free life just really stressed me out! Maybe I need to get away, go somewhere exotic…and a book with glossy pictures is a lot less expensive. But the experience was only temporary since a little (old) lady with large glasses and a mean scowl rammed into my behind. Good thing there’s lots of padding!

Having exhausted the book aisle, I grabbed my bag of milk and headed for the check-out. Suddenly an unexplainable beam of light shone down on none other than a Krispy Kreme doughnut kiosk…with warm samples!

Alas! While I did not leave the store with any new additions to my list, Oh sugary bliss! My trip had not been in vain. (Oh, and I got milk).