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Tomorrow there will be numerous reviews plastered all over on the events of 2012, so I thought I’d review a few of the highlights from my own year (it seemed way more exciting before I started the lists). And since I have a lot of outdoor Winter Wonderland to enjoy…from the comfort of this indoor chair, it should be a short post! 🙂

– shopping with girlfriends (the best part being the realization that I have friends) and finding my sassy green boots!
shopping for inspiration that resulted in making me very hungry
– thinking about shopping for lingerie…(guess I didn’t quite get there).
entering a “man’s world” and purchasing our first flat-screen TV
– cleaning my kitchen cupboards
– finding my yoga DVD…(at some point I took the plastic off…)
– wrestling with: what a “female” mid-life crisis looks like, whether to dye or not to dye, and heart-breaking news from a friend

– my grandparents agreed to move into a retirement residence
admitting I am a hopeless romantic (stress is on the hopeless part!) and surviving thriving through another Valentine’s Day
grading myself in a report card
– discovering I do not totally suck at bowling and my back didn’t give out
– going for my annual bra fitting and a mini shopping spree
– sharing my hilarious education in lingerie

– making Kung Fu Dumplings and visiting a new cupcake store
– laughing over Grannies Gone Wild (my grandparents were threatening to escape the retirement home when my parents were on vacation)
– suffering through my Worst dye job EVER
– enjoying a warm March Break…which included packing and painting at my grandparents, evening movie marathons, and a walk in the park
– sharing my “story” of Waiting for Little Guy
Death of a pair of shoes

– writing about Losing Hope and learning to commute on the train
– exploring Chocolate Bunny Psychology and confessing to an “affair”
cooking a perfect steak
– discovering heels and too much sleep are bad for you
Grandpa’s illness and my birthday

– starting my Spring Cleaning
– playing in our first evening worship service
– trying a new restaurant and another enjoying a Girls’ night Out
– baking potato souffle
Waging War in my garden
– writing my 100th post and exploring Urinal scouts, paying to pee and unisex bathrooms

– exploring closet psychology – theory and personal application
– making strawberry caterpillars
– shopping for new running shoes
celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary

– Losing Grandpa
– writing about summer reading and flip flops
– photographing tethered flowers
– making sweet potato coins
teaching at VBS and exploring at the zoo

– attempting to overcome arachnophobia and skip stones
– shopping for a bathing suit (No more Moo Suit) and a mini makeover
– exploring the water park, Elvis festival, and The Creamery
– writing about Dunkin’ Doughnuts (or getting wet as painfully as possible) and evil fun with food

starting school and my New Year’s!
– laughing through more food disasters: rice krispy squares and mushroom stuffed meatloaf
– training for Tough Mudder
Throwing out my “hooker” boots

– leading Morning Break and Holy Estrogen!
– discovering burps & burpees are not the same thing (and I can’t do either one)!
– playing with Fall photography
– explaining why there are no photos of me
– serving with Love, Sweat & Gears
– receiving a Rude Awakening – Big Guy’s car accident
– having fun with movies: Bend & Snap and Time warp

– leading my first worship service (heart of worship)
– sharing about my family’s war story (love your enemies)
– receiving my first Reader Appreciation Award
– celebrating Big Guy’s new car and Little Guy’s birthday party
– exploring Teavana and Breastaurants

going gluten-free
– shopping for jeans to fix my booty blues
– writing about nostril nuggets, food crime scene photos, and Mr. Frosty
– receiving the Liebster Award
– celebrating Christmas and a mini vacation (night of wakefulness)

It’s New Year’s Eve Day and it will be as traditional this year as it has been for many years. I’m at my parents with Little Guy, and my Aunt M. will join us for a pizza dinner and a G-rated movie before Little Guy goes to bed. The last couple of years, we’ve done our annual New Year’s Eve photo before he went to bed so he could be in it too. Then the adults play games, or more likely, watch movies (possibly in our pjs) and The Air Farce Special, before watching the ball drop in Times Square. A sip of bubbly, some goodies and bed! Pretty exciting…and in my opinion, perfect!

See you next year!