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‘Twas the Night before
The first day of school
And all of the children were whining
That their parents were cruel.

“Why do they have to go back?
Summer can’t really be done!”
It’s a fight every parent knows
That cannot be won.

So the lunches are packed neatly
In brown paper bags.
The new clothes are laid out.
No first day in rags!

Every item is labelled
In indelible ink,
Even though every parents knows
It’ll be lost in a blink!

The shoes are all lined up,
Backpacks by the door-
In hopes the first school day
Would soon be o’er.

By midnight the whines
Will have faded to whimpers.
(Except for that one girl
Still crying over her pimples.)

And parents are crawling in bed
With glee and a sigh,
Wondering how they’ll ever
Kiss their babies good-bye.

So to every parent, I say,
On this troublesome night-
Chins up, take a deep breath,
And keep up the fight!