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Happy New Year! No, I have not lost my mind, at least not yet (I don’t think I’ve lost it….no, I’m good). September marks the beginning of a new school year and the beginning of many other things. Summer is over (sigh), and it’s time to trade my flip-flops for my running shoes. September, for me, feels like a new beginning.

The first beginning was yesterday – the first day of Grade 2 for Little Guy. I woke up to a thunderstorm with heavy rain, along with that all too familiar knot in my stomach because it’s the first day of school. Even when I didn’t have any kids in school (one had graduated and one was too young), I woke up with a knot in my stomach on the first day of school.

It was still pouring when we got there but the teachers had put Plan B into action…we walked Little Guy to the big gym, said good-bye at the door, and sent him in to find the group of Grade 2s…and hopefully his teacher and room number. By the time Hubby & I headed to Tim’s for breakfast, then home again, I looked (and felt) like a wet dog! Thankfully Little Guy did remember his teacher’s name at 3 o’clock when we picked him up. And we’ll figure out where to line up today!

I also have a meeting this morning (another knot in my stomach) to start preparing and planning ahead (way ahead) for Morning Break, our church women’s ministry. Registration is next week. Kids’ Club and swimming lessons are beginning. My desire to get in shape is…well, hopefully beginning…I’ve signed up online to track how many calories I burn when I exercise, and I dusted off the yoga DVD (that I’ve planned on using since January). It’s time to get back to karate lesson, the Bible study group, and worship team rehearsals…My calendar is getting full and it’s only September 5th.

Three years ago, Little Guy started school three days a week, and I knew it was the beginning to a new season in my life. I had spent hours in prayer in the preceding years, asking God what the next “adventure” would be for me. During those the years, growing closer to Him was the adventure. And since Little Guy started school full-time, God has entrusted me with a number of new beginnings, far beyond my comfort level…and I’m ready for another year of adventure. Cheers!