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Saturday Night was Girls’ Night Out at La Village (aka Value Village). So here are the rules:
1) Everyone gets their own cart. Baskets are too small!
2) Shop in an orderly procession, like a train, starting with the first row of racks. Proceed down one row and back up the next.
3) When shopping, look for items for both yourself, and for the others. Use discretion when inquiring about sizes!
4) While shopping, keep your eyes open for hideous items that would suit the personality of your other shoppers (or are just plain too outrageous to pass by). Slip them into your friends’ carts when they aren’t looking. Intimate apparel, bathing suits and pajamas are off-limits.
5) Clothes first – shoes last.
6) When it’s time to try on clothes (usually because the store will be closing soon), proceed to the dressing room in orderly, train-like fashion.
7) If in doubt about the fit of an item, ask someone else to check you out.
8) Unless the “hideous” or costume-like outfit chosen for you by one of your friends is not totally inappropriate to be seen outside the dressing room, you must notify your friends that you are coming out, and when they are ready…come out! Alternatively, if the item is appropriate to show your friends, but not the whole store, have them congregate outside the dressing room door and peek in. Let the laughter begin!

This time around, someone put a black lace, strapless mini dress in my cart, so I put it on and I showed it off. In the words of one friend, “Move over Jessica Rabbit”! Ok, I’m not exactly built like Jessica Rabbit, but I appreciated the sentiment behind the compliment! The other items modelled (by the others) included a Ralph Lauren sweater – that looked like a patchwork quilt from the 1980’s, a red felt shift dress dubbed the “Mrs. Claus”, and a backless, black “flapper” dress complete with fringe. We hurried because there were other shoppers waiting to try stuff on, but I was still impressed with how much fun they were having along with us.

Once we finished trying on our items and have made our selections, we piled everything in one cart so that the person with the 30% off coupon can pay. She often pays with rolls of coins – I’m not sure why! The pile of loot is sorted later in the evening, and we pay our bills. I am still dreaming on a pair of turquoise heels, much too high for me, with a wide ankle band with a buckle. I have no where to wear them but they were lovely! I’ve just developed a “thing” for shoes – but I think it’s because, no matter what shape I’m in (round is a shape too, you know), shoes always fit!

It was just coincidence that La Village night landed on the same weekend as my other Girls’ Night Out, but it was a great way to “celebrate” Mother’s Day. We didn’t close the store this time – but it was close. After shopping, comes food – but that’s a post for another day!