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Is it sad that I had to wait until I was almost 40 before I finally got to experience “Girls’ Night Out”? I’ve been on one group Girls’ Night Out before and that’s what led to this blog…but I did not venture out in trepidation at where our adventure would lead us, but embraced it with zest. So unlike “me”!

Last Friday night, I went out for supper with the “girls” from my Bible study group to a new restaurant in the area. They describe themselves as “a living foods restaurant, featuring an organic, vegan menu”. For our group with various food allergies and intolerances, it meant we didn’t have to worry about gluten, dairy or corn, but anyone with peanut/nut allergies would have to eat somewhere else. I had never heard of cheese-less cheesecake before…Nothing is cooked above 118F “so you get all of the finest enzymes, vitamins and minerals in their naturally delicious state”. Huh? Apparently, food cooked over 118F loses a lot of the natural nutrients and enzymes that help break down the nutrients. Good to know!

The décor was nice – the restaurant is in an old building on the main drag so it had a lot of character. The music was eclectic: alternative, jazz, big band, and ’80s? The artwork was trendy; our server was very helpful. I’m glad someone else knew that the “vases” of water on the table were for serving yourself room temperature water. Otherwise, my glass would have remained empty. What can I say – I usually eat at a fast food restaurant or a run-of-the-mill franchise that is only slightly upscale from a fast food restaurant…

It was hard to choose between pizza with a sprouted buckwheat and flaxseed crust, or zucchetti with olives and sundried tomatoes in a rose sauce. I love pasta so I went with the zucchetti. It was tasty, but a bit on the bland side. The zucchini “noodles” had a great texture but were really long, and cold. If I had paid closer attention to the description (that the food isn’t cooked over 118F), I might not have been so surprised. Two others had taco salad, with flaxseed tortilla-like chips, and one gal had what could best be described as a sandwich, on onion bread with veggies and lots of alfalfa sprouts. She said it was yummy, but she also said “I’ll eat dirt as long as it has avocado”. It looked about as appetizing as a burlap sack. I can’t really knock it though, because I didn’t try it!

When we left the restaurant, I was still hungry. The mouth-watering aroma of steak from another nearby restaurant was intoxicating. I quickly considered stopping at a steak house on the way home and ordering a large porter house steak. Instead, we went for a walk looking for ice-cream…all the stores were closed and it was only 8 p.m. No ice cream. I was home by 9:30 ready for supper. Too bad there was nothing in the house that appealed.

It was a new experience, and wasn’t that part of my reason for starting this blog – to try new things and write about it? It was a nice snack…now what’s for dinner?