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Worst hair dye job EVER! Epic Fail!! Heading to the nearest convenience store for a cheap cap and all the chocolate they have!!!!

Even though I did submit my application for a make-over on a national TV show, I finally gave in and coloured my hair – I chose brown, which used to be my natural colour. I know it says to colour every 4-6 weeks but in my case it’s usually every 3 months. It’s not a money issue, or usually a time issue – it’s a lazy and/or indecisive issue. The gray is sprouting but truthfully, I’m probably the only who notices (especially under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights)! Keeping in step with trying new things, I decided to try the foam dye that TV ads rave about.

I picked my day, and conducted the 48 hour skin test. Thankfully it’s winter and I’m wearing long sleeves, because I now look like I have a giant bruise on the inside of my elbow. Being creative, I mixed the dyes for the skin test on the surface of a hand mirror on my dresser (which now needs repainting). The sticky goo was very light in colour, so I didn’t give it much thought. I rinsed off the mirror in the bathroom sink; all appeared to be cleaned away. It was Hubby who noticed the stains in the sink at bedtime. It’s almost scrubbed away. Note to self: Do not rinse in bathroom sink.

I washed my hair the night before, and donned my very stained T-shirt – good for dye jobs, painting jobs, and serious “get dirty” gardening jobs. Little Guy was home with a sick tummy so I set him up with some activities. Gloves on, mix liquids, shake 3 times, add lid and squeeze. The applicator is not a pump – you have to squeeze the foam into your hand and apply it like mousse. Time for 25 minutes. The timing part has always confused me. Do I time from when I start to apply the dye, or from the time I finish applying the dye? If it’s at the end, then where I started ends up being on longer than 25 minutes…Of course, it’s also hard to time when you don’t have a clock. Note to self: Get a clock.

I took a damp cloth and removed most of the extra colour that had been sponged onto my ears and neck. I also scrubbed the top layer of skin off my arms where I had brushed against my head. By now, all those spots were a violent purple, and even the gloves were stained a violent purple. It gave me a very uneasy feeling.

Little Guy was getting hungry, so I came down to start some grilled cheese sandwiches. I’ve learned to work with liquid dye, so I can certainly work with foamy dye. Little Guy immediately noted “something smells funny”. He then proceeded to walk around holding his nose, and complaining, “you stink”! Ah, the price of beauty! Eventually the funk got to be too much for him, so he hid in his bedroom. Peace & quiet!

Sandwiches done, I took mine to the bathroom, rinsed out the colour and put in the conditioner. It really didn’t smell any better. I ate my gooey sandwich with my head hanging over the tub so my hair could drip. I’m a mother – I’ve learned to eat any where! Note to self: get towel before starting the job.

Now rinsed, it was time for the great reveal! While the colour is OK (darker than expected but will lighten when washed), I’m embarrassed to admit that my scalp is now a weird patchwork of violent purple shapes. I scrubbed what I could see with a damp cloth, but it didn’t help much, and now my head is sore because I scrubbed off at least one layer of skin too.

I have dyed my hair several times (for vanity reasons – a.k.a. hate my boring brown) and I have never had such an outcome! It could be worse, I suppose – but at least green would fit in with St. Patrick’s Day! I look stupid in hats. No, really, I look stupid in hats! But I think when I head to the school this morning (Little Guy was vastly improved yesterday about an hour after school started), I’ll be donning a cheap baseball cap! Go team!