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It sounds like the plot line for a really bad sitcom. But think about it – when you are older, will you plot your escape from a retirement home? I guess it depends on the retirement home…there are days now when living in a place where I have my own space, my meals are provided, and activities like exercise classes and concerts steps away, sounds great!. In fact, if there was a hot tub, I’d move in tomorrow.

Last month, my grandparents moved into a retirement home. They have their own space furnished with their own things. Meals are provided and medications are monitored. They do their own laundry onsite, and can travel anywhere in their car. They moved voluntarily, albeit reluctantly. I know “there’s no place like home,” but it’s a very nice place where they can get the extra support that they need. Lately they have seemed more content with the new living arrangement. But there may be a plot afoot!

My parents are planning a brief vacation soon. I talked to my Mom this week and she was chuckling because when my grandparents call (which is often), they don’t always remember to click the button to disconnect the phone. I have no doubt that I will do the same thing some day! So when they finish their message, if they even bother to leave one, she can hear them talking. Apparently, they were discussing whether my parents had already left on their vacation…to make a long story short, it sounded very much like they are planning to move back to the house when my parents are away.

Hence, the plot line to a sitcom…when the kids are away, Grannies Go Wild! Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching the TV show “Alcatraz”, but the image of two seniors “on the lam” with their oversized keys, their dentures, and their walkers, makes me laugh! Or picture this: sweet faced “Motorcyle Mamas” wheelchair racing in the halls! Table dancing to Frank Sinatra’s “Anything Goes”. Chocolate pudding shots! Partying until after 8 p.m.!? Scandalous.

I have no idea what adventures my grandparents may be involved in, in a couple of weeks. The retirement home will have my phone number, so it could be that I’ll be involved in an adventure too…but let’s hope not!