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Dear Diary – It’s been a busy week and I have to head home today for a rest!

On Friday, we eagerly anticipated Big Guy’s arrival for the weekend. It had been 7 weeks since our whirlwind summer holiday at my folks. Some Mamas would scoff because that’s no time at all, but for this Mama, it was more than enough! He showed up with snacks, his laptop, but no suitcase or laundry. Which makes me wonder, just where is the 7 week old pile of dirty laundry? Has it evolved into the living dead and is moving as a horde toward my house?

Unprofessional Artist Rendering

Time will tell. In the meantime, we spent a lot of time, 4 people on a couch, eating too much junk food and watching movies. We reluctantly hit the sheets early because Saturday was starting with a celebration.

Love was in the air Saturday morning. Big Guy woke me crashing into my bedroom door and grazing his big toe on my dresser. He’s used to getting up early so he was the first one us up. It was 6:30 a.m. and our niece (his cousin) was getting married! But she’s not a morning person; she’s in Norway, and her 2 p.m. wedding meant 7 a.m. for us. Hubby had suggested we get up in enough time to dress up and take a photo. So I rolled out of bed with a groan, gave up trying to run a comb through my hair, and put on a dress and a really heavy sweater. I grabbed a large quilt on the way down the stairs, so we could cuddle together our burlap pew too. Hubby was wearing jeans and a hoodie. I guess dressing up sounds more like fun when it’s not 6:30 a.m. and still dark outside. While I was getting dressed, Big Guy made a Tim Horton’s run. It’s the first wedding I’ve been to where I got to byob. Of course, our “b” was caffeinated, not alcoholic!

Not so bright-eyed but bushy-tailed!

The bride was beautiful; the ceremony was lovely. And we cheered loudly when they kissed.

The neighbours may not have appreciated it, but I don’t really care! 🙂

I spent the rest of the day in clean pajamas, taking the day off. I even asked Hubby to cook order pizza.

On Sunday, I made a white bean and leek stew for lunch and packed to run away from home. The beans were just starting to work their way through Hubby when it was time to leave, and Little Guy and I barely escaped being gassed. My Dad was hunting this week and Mom and I were praying for the deer. I suspect these days, it’s less about the hunting, and more about sitting in their own sweat by the fire swapping stories!

On Monday, Mom and I gorged ourselves on HGTV and pots of tea. I started a new sewing project, and we swapped Christmas lists. Little Guy and I spent time in the evening fighting with Rebel forces against the Empire and eating chips.

On Tuesday morning, Mom and I shared my laptop for our Zoom Bible study. I had to keep muting us though – we were just too giggly together…and the clock chimed every 15 minutes. In the afternoon, we went shopping to fill our Operation Chrisrmas Child boxes, and picked up Timmies for our packing party!

I never did get my box packed.

For dinner Tuesday night, we met Auntie M at one of our town’s fine dining establishments, Denny’s. It’s the first time I have dined out since March 2020. It’s also my first time dining out since the controversial “Covid passport” was implemented. Thankfully I have an older, tech-savy friend who downloaded them all to my phone. After fiddling for a long time in the cold, we were able to pull Mom’s up on my Mom’s phone.

The instructions at the door of the restaurant were cryptic and they weren’t kidding when they asked us to be patient because they were short-staffed. The QR on the poster didn’t scan on our phones. And the QR code on Mom’s phone was too small to scan too and she had to go digging in her multi-pocketed purse for the paper version.

But I have to say, our waitress was very patient with us, and the cinnamon roll pancakes were worth the wait!

Wednesday was our big day – shopping in a mall! Since all my clothes have shrunk in the closet (the gal at Old Navy suggested it was something in the laundry detergent), I was looking for me, as well as for Christmas ideas for my family. They are as out of ideas as I am. I figured a pair of jeans that I could wear and still breathe in at the same time, might be a good place to start. I could also pass on the other 7 pairs, sizes 3 to none of your business. Jean shopping is way less traumatic than shopping for bras or bathing suits. How bad could it be?

I don’t want to talk about it.

Even though I had grabbed 2 sizes above anything I’ve worn since Little Guy was born and I was too big a mess to even walk upright to the loo, they weren’t big enough. Discouraged, we moved on to something less personal: board games. It never ceases to amaze just how expensive board and card games are considering they’re mostly made of chipboard. I saw a cooperative adventure-style board game that either of my boys would like, and it was $140! And what about puzzles? Some photographer randomly throws a bunch of objects in a pile, snaps a photo, a machine cuts the pieces en masse, and I get charged $29.99? I would be more understanding if it were a limited edition artist’s original piece. Starving artists gotta eat too. But some of the puzzles pics look likes ones I saw as a kid, molding in the corner of a cottage. That artist probably starved to death forty years ago.

We dragged our weary bones to the food court to restore our bodies and our souls, but we didn’t think it through. To sit in the food court, you have to show the nice security guard your covid passport and your photo identification. Not such a difficult thing, except when you’re holding your “papers”, your wallet, your bags, and your very hot cup of tea, while your purse slides repeatedly off your shoulder and your body turns into a boiler. There was nowhere to set your things down in the process…or as you waited, all the flesh burning off the tips of your fingers, for the lady in front of you to dig through her multi-pocketed purse while balancing bags, a toddler, and a tray of food. The couple behind us had less patience, sighing audibly, one cup in one hand and papers in the other. Note to self: eat before shopping at the Mall!

Of course, when you drink tea, you have to pee! But at least you don’t have to balance a paper cup while you do it. However, when your door won’t stay closed so you have to hold it with one hand, strap of the bag hanging off your wrist, while you hover in mid-air, hoping you aren’t “missing”, it’s still a challenge. Should I mention the purse strap sliding off and flashing hot enough to crisp bacon?

We had one more store to visit before we needed to head home because I was expecting a phone call. And I braved another change room and a much larger number on the tag, to try on some jeans. By the time, I had peeled in and out of a few pairs, I was perspiring heavily and my mask was moist. I was frustrated that every pair fit except that I could grab a handfull of denim behind. Then I realized my current jeans fit the same way, and rather than be naked, I bought a pair. I didn’t realize they were on sale. That softened the blow.

It’s Thursday and we’re heading home after dinner. Little Guy has been in school online every day, and by the time he finishes, we’d be in to rush hour and sunset. This morning, everything was covered in sparkling frost and the fields were veiled in white. The sun is shining now, but the yellow leaves of the maple are flowing off the trees like water. It’s so sad to see. Last year, at the end of our holiday while Dad was hunting, we had no idea that we wouldn’t see each other for Christmas. And I’m hopeful that this year will see more of a return to normal.

But for now, I’m heading home for a rest!

I’m knackered again, come on sleep take me soon
And don’t lift my head ’till the twelve bells of noon

Spirit of the West, Home for a Rest