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Dear Diary – It only took the gestation period of a human to get my parents to visit so they could see my new kitchen. Okay, that’s a bit unfair. Between Christmas, Dad’s work schedule, and COVID-19 (aka the fact that I have probably lived more weeks at their house than in my own), a lot of time has passed. The kitchen is still “Shiny” and I was excited to pull out drawers and open cupboards so they got the full “experience”. They were only popping in for a hour and since Hubby was working in the next room, we enjoyed tea, pizelles and brownies on the back porch. My red squirrel gave me the evil eye from across the yard, but this is my house too!


Dear Diary – I name them in secret but only in my Mom’s fridge. I do it because it annoys her. I’m such a brat!

She really hated it when I gave them all my brother’s name… 🙂

Dear Diary – I’m not sure what caught my eye first: the grease spot or the legs. I think it was the legs. Little Guy is slowly taking over his brother’s bedroom in the basement. Based on his recent aversion to bugs, I’m surprised. Basements are notorious for creatures with more than 2 legs. Based on the size of the smush and the number of legs, I’m guessing he encountered a large house centipede, which are terrifying. I’m proud of him. More importantly, he didn’t wake me up to deal with it. This means one of two things: my boy is growing up, or waking me up is way scarier. I’ll accept either answer.

Dear Diary – Hubby suggested I post some updated masks pics since this is keeping me busy (or perhaps he’s worried I’m going to suggest he start wearing some, like the leopard print). 😉 I could ask him to model the “movember” mask but he already has a great mustache. So…gratuitous mask photos:

And…I’m going shopping today. I think I have a problem.