Sometimes you just have to “Seize the moment”. On the way home from our visit to St. Alban’s, Dad noticed two ospreys on their nest. He pulled over and I hopped out. Within seconds, the birds took off, and I was fortunate to get a few shots.


Ospreys are large raptors but they are not related to eagles or hawks.  Their lighter frame and wing shape allow it to lift out of water after diving to capture prey,  unlike bald eagles. They also have fewer feathers on their legs to reduce drag and increase their diving speed. Their feet have lizard-like scales and sandpaper-like padding that prevent dinner from escaping. They nest near bodies of water because their main diet is fish.


Michelle Landis, a U.S. osprey expert says the most distinctive feature is an M-shaped crook in their wings while in flight.


They have a wingspan reaching more than 24″ in length and 71″ across. They are found on every continent except Antarctica!


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