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If 42 is ” Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”, what question is answered by 43? I guess, starting today, I have a year to find out. But before I said “Ciao” to 42, I took on one more adventure…

The whole time I felt like this:

“…You see, there’s the high-fliers, like Annabel and Mark Darcy, and there’s the gorgeous girls, like Rebecca there and there’s the rest of us…I mean, look at the state of us. You and me stumbled into the V.l.P. room by mistake and it’s only a matter of moments before they show us the door.” – Bridget Jones 2: Edge of Reason

Monday & Tuesday were no exception. But I learned a few things while hanging out here…


…as a singer with a group of phenomenal musicians as the worship team for a regional gathering of pastors, missionaries and “V.I.Ps”!

[Bonus: it meant getting some of the band together again…]


Graham & Sam

I learned:

  • High-heeled boots look great, but don’t feel great after 12 hours.
  • It’s important to make sure your pants are done up before rehearsal, not after.
  • Wear anti-perspirant! Lots of it!
  • No matter how early it is in the morning, “paint the barn door”. Your self-esteem will thank you.
  • Eating blueberry pie while wearing a white jacket is either incredibly courageous or incredibly stupid.
  • Recognizing and respecting the gifts of others, creating space to let them shine, really does create a better sound and stronger team.
  • Mics get moist.
  • I still have no clue what to do with my hands.
  • Focusing on how awkward you think you look, will probably make you look even more awkward than you feel.
  • Don’t get dressed in the dark. You might end up wearing the pants that slide down (and take your underwear down too).
  • Don’t tell people you’re wearing the wrong pants…
  • Blame the bass player.
  • Beating the morning people to rehearsal and showing up with your own Tim Horton’s is an awesome way to start the day.
  • A “team” can be strong when everyone focuses on one purpose, even though the team just met.
  • Balancing fluid intake, bodily functions, and time, is precarious business.

* * *

How I came to be there was completely a God-thing. It meant early mornings, long hours, and new songs. It meant working with new people, and blending as a team. We sang different styles of music,  with drums and guitars, keys and wind instruments. Sometimes I sang melody and sometimes harmony (sometimes both in the same song) but no one asked me to stop!

It was so much fun…I felt like a rock star.

I also felt humbled. As I sang and worshipped, I saw others worshipping freely in the style and expression of their hearts and experiences, not because of something I was doing, but by the Spirit. I was humbled that someone as ordinary as me, someone who clearly doesn’t belong in the V.I.P. room, was allowed to hang out anyway…right in the middle…

Regional Gathering (800x486).jpg

(…in my oversized gray shirt and baggy jeans. Note to self: skinny clothes)

* * *

Happy Weekend…I have some chocolate cake to devour in my oversized pjs to prepare for the next mid-life crisis! It could happen at any moment!