It’s the last day of the year and too many people are starting to share how they are going to make big changes to enrich their lives in 2017.


Personally, I feel more like crawling into bed with a big boxful of rom-coms and an even larger box of chocolates. Bridget Jones may have despaired at the thought of dying “fat and alone” and being “found three weeks later, half-eaten by wild dogs”, but her evenings alone in her pjs still holds a certain appeal. Canadian winter is bearing down on us. Earlier this week, I froze my extremities, drove to my in-laws in an ice storm, sloshed through giant slush puddles (apparently my winter boots leak), and dug my car out in a blizzard. Good times!

So while you’re polishing off your stationary bike to start your training for the Tour de France, I’m planning to polish off a Henry (O Henry!) and take a horizontal life pause. Thank you to all those who shared 2016 with me – it was quite a year!

2016: A Year In Review

2016 was certainly a year! I started it by sitting in the E.R. for 5 hours on January 1st with Big Guy! He had suffered weeks of hiccups that resulted in the inability to keep food down. X-rays confirmed what we already know – he’s full of “poop”! He was released around midnight and feeling peckish, so we picked up McDonald’s fries on the way home. He was obviously feeling better!

This year, I struggled a lot…mostly with stupid people!

Stupid people in parking lots
Stupid people at the school
Stupid people at the car dealership
Stupid people at Canada Post
Stupid people at the passport office
Stupid people at Home Depot
Stupid brides, stupid computers and 2 stupid squirrels – the one who stole my cupcakes and the one who stole my panties!

eye roll giphy


Either stupid people are taking over the world, or I’m turning into a cranky old lady! This year I started facing the raging inferno of my dying youth, a bout of insomnia, and the stupid people who decided 50 year olds shouldn’t wear jeans. I started embracing my new identity with half an empty nest, and watched my mother caring for Nana in her last days.

While my midlife crisis adventures were limited this year, I got to join the VIP room for 2 days, improved my baking & video gaming skills, took belly dancing classes, and found out what happens when a group of women get locked in a series of rooms and told to escape in an hour. (We escape in less than an hour, then spend an hour trying to find a parking space at Jack Astor’s for dinner!)




I posted my 1000th post this Fall! So from the ridiculous (a body in my deep freeze) to the sublime (How much do you love me?) – it’s been a year! I expect 2017 will be…


God, may 2017 be a year with more laughter than tears. May I have the ability to rise above the challenges of supreme annoyance. And may I retain the ability to dress myself at the end of each day! Amen!