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Well, here I am with a fabulous new hair cut and a great pair of sassy boots, and I’ve been housebound for 2 days. Yesterday Little Guy woke up with a headache, and since he was feeling sucky and a little warm, I kept him home. Today, the sun is shining (a little too brightly for my pounding head) and it snowed in the night, covering up all the mud (and dog poo) with which we’ve been blessed this new year! But my head is not pounding from any illness or lack of sleep…it’s pounding as a result of a P.A. Day.

Technically, P.A. Day means Professional Activity Day, but for most parents it means something else…”Perpetually Annoying Day”, Professional Aggravation Day”, or the personal favourite of many, “Pain in the Arse Day”! While the teachers are spending the day writing report cards, I am spending the day listening to two 7 year olds play Toy Story 3 in my living room…at the top of their lungs! I swear a rock concert would be quieter compared the shenanigans going on at my house. I know I shouldn’t be surprised right? They’re boys…

comfy clothes_ed

I could have gone shopping. I could have gone to work for a day. I could have done so many things…Instead, it’s a “comfortable clothing” kind of day. OK, I don’t dress this badly, but with loud boys in the house, my only options for peace are to escape to my bedroom (which needs cleaning) or escape to the basement with the stinky guinea pigs (which needs cleaning). Think I’ll post this quick and escape upstairs…the plastic army men are planning an assault in between battles with Zurg…if I crawl under the covers and have a nap while I’m up there, then I maybe I can rename this a “Perfectly Acceptable Day”. Happy Weekend!

p.s. There are 2 more P.A. Days next month…I can hardly wait. (sarcasm)