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So here’s the “before” self-portrait…before my radical hair cut yesterday. Frizzy!


And here’s the “after” self-portrait” about 2 hours after the hair cut…in the car at the school while waiting for Little Guy to get out…


Ok, so not that radical but I’m probably 10 lbs lighter. There have been worse styles…

Pigtails, pony tails, the “Princess Diana” flip, and the curly “mop top” of my youth. And who can forget ringlets?!?!


There were several years of the ’80’s permed “Big Hair”…

High School

And the various shades of red – carrot red, copper red, oxblood red (do you think I like red?)…combined with 80’s “Big Hair” (I really wish it would come back…)

Red Frizz

…and more red…

hot red

By 2005, my hair was down to my waist, but I cut it shorter when Little Guy was on the way. And then I tried blonde highlights, that turned my hair pink…which led to very blonde….


Ugh! And we’re back to the present. I have no point. I hate my hair – regardless of the length, style or colour. Maybe I really should just shave it all off?