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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!” Henry David Thoreau

An inspirational quote for a new year…I wake up and read this quote every morning. It hangs over my closet door in pretty script…just black and white…mocking me because I don’t know what my “dreams” are and I can’t direct my steps that way…Think about it…

Go” – to move from one place or point to another; to travel; to attempt something (i.e., “give it a go”). To “go” implies movement toward something…something positive or negative, something scary or foreseen, something exciting and adventurous. Even when we are not intentionally or methodically moving toward something, we are moving! Personally, in the morning, I don’t want to go anywhere.

Confidently” – having a strong belief or full assurance; sure of oneself. Have we met? I’m not sure that “confident” is a word that can be applied to me. I’ve always admired those who aren’t afraid to take chances (or at least calculated risks) but I’m pretty sure that if you stick “go” in front of “confidently”, I’ll be stymied. By the time I can read this, I’m pretty sure that I can confidently go back to sleep…

Direction” – A course along which someone or something moves; the course that must be taken in order to reach a destination; the way. Crap! More movement…but this time along a particular path toward a specific destination. To have a destination, doesn’t one require a goal, a light at the end of the tunnel, a purpose? And to move in that direction, there has to be a plan of action. I don’t know, action sounds like a lot of planning…and that’s a lot to process first thing in the morning…

Dreams” – a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep; an aspiration, goal, or aim. I have dreams: marrying prince charming and living happily ever after…in a pink castle…or wearing size 0 jeans without cutting off the circulation in my body and losing my ability to walk! Frivolous, fluffy and in the realm of fat-chance! I have other dreams too, ones that aren’t completely unrealistic but aren’t really attainable either. And if “dreams” are interpreted as goals, well…when I sit down to do up a list of New Year’s resolutions, for example, I am once again, stymied. I dream of rolling over and going back to sleep.

In many ways, I am content to remain a wall-flower, but as mid-life looms, that contentment has waned. And for that reason, I’m going to have to take some time this month to consider where I’m going and what direction I should take. If I said I’m going “crazy”, would you like to come along?