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I am so excited!! I usually plan something funny or “off-the-wall” for my Friday posts, but I’m too excited. Last Friday I talked about Tough Mudder, a 10 mile obstacle course – mud, electrical wires, mud, and I talked about how I’d like to do it, but seriously, it’s way beyond my abilities! (6 years ago I could hardly walk from one room to the next)

On Sunday I mentioned it to another friend, who expressed interest but only if it was a shorter course. Today I mentioned it at my ladies’ Bible study group (our “leader” did Tough Mudder this summer) and to make a long story short, if all goes according to plan, our group starts training next week! I’m not sure if we’ll tackle Tough Mudder or something on a smaller scale, but I’m so excited (have I mentioned that already?)

It’s funny! This morning Little Guy explained to me why he kept stashing his pjs behind the bathroom door. Apparently he’s been doing that so I have to bend over to pick them up and I will get more exercise so my body doesn’t get “old and wrinkly”. Nice! He went on to tell me that I “need to get more exercise” and I “need to use Dad’s new exercise bike in the basement”. I have no idea where this idea came from…does he think I sit home all day eating bon-bons and watching television? Still, I had to laugh and I just hope I didn’t hurt his feelings.

Hours later I was still filled with boundless energy so I decided to cook a special meal, including a “Celebration Pie”. We had roast beef with mushroom gravy, potatoes and corn. For dessert, I baked a simple graham cracker crust and topped it with vanilla pudding and sliced strawberries. It looked great…it tasted great…it was a mess to slice and dish up.

I enjoyed that gooey piece of pie because it may the last I have for awhile if I’m going to be serious about getting in shape. Even if I don’t make it to the mud, I’m going to work at it any way. I’m so excited! Of course, Thursday isn’t here yet and who knows if I’ll survive our first “training session”? This could just be my last Friday post!