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It isn’t really my fault…I have avoided, ignored and fought the temptation for months. When I’m in the grocery store or the drug store, I avert my eyes. And I have been left home alone every Friday night for months. Hubby is usually working with his brother on business/computer-related stuff. I even thought my public confession and apology to Hubby back in April would break the cycle once and for all (see Confession #3). Hubby accepted my apology. In fact, he’s been very understanding.

I was home alone again this Friday night. This time Hubby went out with his brother and some friends from out of town. We met in the line up at the grocery store…it was a moment of weakness, and I brought him home. I popped in a movie, threw on my nightgown, and we curled up on the couch…

I didn’t even try to hide the evidence…maybe I wanted to get caught. Hubby has forgiven me again…It’s a fresh, new day. I just hope I can stay strong if I meet Henry at the grocery stores this morning. I guess the only alternative would be to let Hubby do the grocery shopping?

O Henry…