I missed the deadline for Evil Squirrel’s 3rd Annual Contest of Whatever! I don’t know if it was laziness, a lack of creative genius, or the fact that I’m still suffering from PTSD after spending 16.5 hours in Big Guy’s apartment this weekend but I missed the deadline. But I’ve decided not to let my madness creative genius go unseen by the world. And it’s Monday…so who couldn’t use a little mirth!

This year’s challenge was to submit an artistic piece including one of Evil Squirrel’s famous cartoon characters, Buster…the unfortunate possum and recipient of fateful ends. We were to depict Buster meeting one unusual end.

So I give you my macabre, less-than-mediocre, hurriedly sketched non-submissions for your mocking pleasure.

image1 (1) (800x307)

Happy Monday!