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S.O.S. is an international code signal for extreme distress, an urgent call for help, used especially by ships at sea. It stands for “Save Our Souls”.
Earlier this week, I received a special form of S.O.S. in  a phone call….from Big Guy. It was a “Mom S.O.S.”
So tonight, instead of curling up in front of the t.v., on the couch under my snuggie blanket, with a bag of potato chips, Big Guy will be chauffering me to his apartment for the night. And tomorrow morning, after a restless night’s sleep on a stinky, lumpy piece of furniture that may or may not be a couch, I will snap on a pair of yellow rubber gloves… I will wash up some science experiments dishes, look for the floor, and if I’m feeling particularly brave…I may even venture into the bathroom.
I will answer that “Mom S.O.S.” – in style!
Mom SOS (618x800)

Even the mouse I added in the background is terrified.

 I’m a little terrified as well…and I may be required to send out  a “Mom S.O.S.” too!
Happy Weekend!