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It was supposed to rain last Sunday, but instead we had sunshine and marvelous white clouds. Perfect for a short photography “adventure”. I hopped in the car with my son, each armed with a camera, and I took my usual route to work. There are special places along the way that I enjoy – places where the sun plays in the trees, where the mist lays low in the meadows, or where the trees burst into colour in the Fall. Little Guy wasn’t interested in getting out of the car to take pictures at the first stop, and consequently, he missed the 4 wild turkeys feasting and the hawks circling over the field. He was the first one out of the car taking pictures at the next 3 stops (and out the window…and in the car…and everywhere in between).

At the last stop, we parked in a subdivision and walked to our spot. I got to show him how the clouds made patterns on the fields as it blocked the sun in one place while still shining in another. I also showed him some settings on his camera and let him experiment with the wild flowers growing along the edge. On the last leg of the journey, my “city kid” rolled down his window and let the road wind tie his hair in knots, and he sang into it and experimented with sound.

It was a lovely day!