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I have never done well with the time change…but this year, it coincided with the need for a new alarm clock!

I liked my old alarm clock. It has been a faithful companion and bedmate for over 20 years. The buzzer had the right level of volume – enough to wake me up but not enough to annoy the heck out of me. It had one large snooze button – easily accessible. It also had 2 slider buttons: 1) to set the time; and 2) to set the alarm and to turn it off. It was a good friend!

It was a good friend who was still faithful…but recently, while I lay awake shivering to death with the flu in the middle of the night, I kept hearing an odd static-y noise. And never having been one to ignore strange sounds…well anywhere, I had to investigate. I finally narrowed the source of the sound to my clock. A clock hissing at you in the middle of the night is not a comforting sound. So for a week, I used Little Guy’s clock. But the snooze time was only 5 minutes instead of my accustomed 9 minutes. And Little Guy wanted his clock back.

So I bought a new one… Big Guy spent 20 minutes setting the radio station for the alarm.  It took 20 minutes because the clock kept resetting itself with its pre-set stations (and those stations sucked)! On the first morning, the buzzer went off instead of the radio. I couldn’t find the puny snooze button and the buzzer got increasingly louder (and more annoying) if you don’t respond quickly. Then I discovered, there was no on/off switch. So while I managed (miraculously) to turn the alarm off for the morning, I couldn’t find any way to turn it off if I should, I don’t know, go away for the weekend. Our neighbour went away once and didn’t turn off his alarm clock. That thing sang from Saturday morning until he got home Sunday night.

I never did get the radio alarm to set. So I took it back and bought another one…It had a quirk I didn’t know came with alarm clocks. Oh, on a happy note, it works! I set the time easily. I set my radio station. I set the radio alarm. It has an ample-sized snooze button that sets in 10 minute increments (so you can hit it 3 times for a 30 minutes snooze or 6 times for an hour). It even has an on/off button…When I went to bed Saturday night, I set the alarm ahead an hour so I would be sure to get up at the right time in the morning. When my alarm went off Sunday morning, it was strangely quiet and dark in the house. The clock said it was 7:10 a.m. I tiptoed downstairs to turn on the T.V. to see what time it really was (remember, I no longer have cable on my bedroom t.v. – just the Aquarium Channel with ugly fish). It was only 6:10 a.m. (new time)…I crawled back in bed, and was thrilled to discover that I could set the snooze for an hour…and I went back to sleep (and hit the snooze bar a few more times after that).

Farewell, old friend! I will miss you the way I cradled you in my hand so I could tap your snooze bar time and time again. You travelled with me when I first left home…and to the 3 homes I have lived in since that time. You got me up in time for classes and appointments. And you guided me through midnight feedings and late night homework assignments. I thank you for your years of service. I shall never forget you.

[cue alarm…and hit the snooze bar]