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With weddings getting bigger…and wilder, the competition to out-do the next bride and groom growing fiercer…It was only a matter of time before the traditional wedding party photographs also took a rather large step forward!

My traditional wedding party pose (feel free to laugh...)

My traditional wedding party pose (feel free to giggle…)

 No longer will the fashion and hair styles out-date wedding pics (causing squeals of laughter from younger generations), but the shots of a wedding party fleeing a wedding-crashing monster. It started with a T-Rex…and now includes photos circulating the web with Star Wars AT-AT Walkers and Sharktopus (a B-movie inspired invention), all aiming for more international “hits” and “likes”. Some would call it “a fitting commemoration in the age of social media”.

Snapshots of every major and minor celebrity in the country has become big business. And with television shows like “Rich Bride, Poor Bride”, “4 Weddings”, and “Say Yes to the Dress!” (my personal favourite) promoting “Brides’ Night”, it’s no wonder North Americans are obsessed with all things wedding! According to author Elizabeth Abbott (A History of Marriage), the original celebrity couple was Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1840.


Engraved by S Reynolds after F Lock [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Within weeks of their nuptials, detailed sketches appeared in magazines, starting the wedding picture trend. Couples used to pose for a single wedding photo, but now hire a crew of photographers and videographers to capture every moment of the day. The next trend is to capture those moments on Instagram. Here’s something I’d like to know – does capturing those moments include the contortions and complexities of getting a ball-gowned bride safely in and out of the loo?

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