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Home made birthday cakes…and nearly every one a disaster! This year was no exception.

When Little Guy was one, his best friend was a little blue beanie baby named Blueberry! He slept with it every night, and when Little Guy had surgery at 8 months, BlueBerry went everywhere with him in the hospital! So I made a round cake with cupcake ears and a candy face, to look like Blueberry’s face. It looked home made!

For Little Guy’s second birthday, I rented a fire truck cake pan, because Little Guy wanted a fire truck like Papa’s. The cake stuck to the shaped pan, and I had to “glue” it together with icing…The fire truck was comprised of a million little stars…and the truck was kind of…pink. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make red icing?

Hubby requested that I buy an ice cream cake for Little Guy’s third birthday (probably so he wouldn’t have to put up with my tears…) But I was back to making cakes for birthday #4 – a square cake with a hand-drawn (in icing) yellow dump truck with peppermint patty wheels and a chocolate rosebud driver. My art skills need work…a lot of work, but Little Guy was happy.

Birthday #5 – back to the rented shaped cakes…Lightning McQueen…pink…

Birthday #6 – I skipped the shaped pan and made a regular rectangle cake. How can I mess that up? The cake stuck to the pan – I don’t know why – and I had to bake a second cake (while eating the first one. I was depressed….) Little Guy wanted a Hot Wheels car…so I once again put my drawing skills to the test! What do you think?

So this year, I decided to keep it simple…I baked another rectangle (I needed to be sure this cake was nut-free so I had to bake it). Now before you ask me what went wrong…I will tell you. I never noticed before that our stove isn’t level…

…so the Angry Birds distracted the kids and they never noticed.

It’s been a litany (a veritable tedious recital or repetitive series) of cake disasters, and I don’t have high hopes for #8!