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I didn’t include the topic of Cee Neuner’s Fun Foto challenge today because for some, the first association might be off-putting. It’s “non-live animals“. My first thought was taxidery or stuffed animals. Little Guy’s first thought was roadkill. I actually have a photo of roadkill, but I won’t be sharing that today.

As I looked in my archives and around my home, however, I noticed there are a number of creative options! I have a stainless steel mouse in my kitchen, whose tail holds my rings when I’m baking. My egg timer is a pig. One tea tin has a sloth and one tea dish is a panda. I have assorted figurines of cats and frogs in the house, and Grandpa’s Pig. My shower curtain is birds on a wire. I’m wearing kittens on my nightgown and I am in no hurry to get dressed.

So I experimented with a few other items because it is, after all, a photo challenge:

Waterford Crystal Christmas Ornament
This perfume bottle used to have coloured water in it. It sat in my Grandmother’s kitchen window at the farmhouse.
A long time ago, my Dad made and sold teddy bears. He didn’t make this guy for me.
I found him in a box a few years later and I stole him.
I’m not sorry
I love my “cow” lamp in my office!
Cookie cutters and jelly moulds…one brand new, 3 very old!
I always hated this game! It took longer to set up than to play, and it never worked quite right!

Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way.

Edward de Bono

Happy Wednesday!