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Shelley china is considered the best representative of the Staffordshire England potteries, with over 15,000 diverse patterns, many of which were designed by noted artists. Shelley china exceptionally thin, with a similar to Belleek china, and very strong. Some pieces are highly collectible.

The Wileman family, who owned a large pottery, Foley works, established a second pottery for the express purpose of producing fine china. Joseph Shelley became a partner some time after 1870.

Shelley inside_ed2

About 1910, a legal battle ensued over the use of the name “Foley”. Mr. Shelley lost the battle and officially renamed his pottery in 1925 to “Shelley”. It reached its peak in the 20’s & 30’s, and during the war, it was permitted to continue to produce fine china because they had a strong export business. Shelly’s reputation continued to grow throughout the war, and by the 1950’s its production was at its best.  The company was sold to Allied Potteries in 1966.


The inside of the cup and the saucer are green, while the outside of the cup is white, and the handle is pink. Flowers adorn the outside as well as inside the bottom of the cup. The cups’ shape, “chester”. has indented edges. It’s pattern is similar to this mint green and pale pink Shelley tea cup was made between 1945-1966.

Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors. -Alice Walker

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