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We are Valentine’s Day survivors. It’s that one holiday between Christmas chocolate and Easter chocolate, that I tend to despise. Too many bad experiences that make me want to cry out “Bah…humbug!”

Yesterday I did the same things I do every year. I wore black to honour my funny valentine. I mocked the sappy songs on the radio with gusto. And I ate pizza…with extra cheese and bacon!


But I had decided, in a last ditch effort to not totally destroy my teenager’s faith in all things lovey-dovey, I would try to have a better attitude. Or at least, not make sarcastic comments and gagging sounds. Also, I  baked cookies.


Pink, heart-shaped, fru-fru shortbread cookies. And then I showered him with effusive hugs and kisses, and melodramatic expression of affection, until he begged me to stop.

To all the lovers out there – good for you! To the rest of us…celebrate! It’s over for another year and it’s the weekend. Make it a good one! 😉