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Reviewing the day while drifting off to sleep (or in some instances, not drifting off to sleep), the events of the day are often viewed as a series of vignettes, rather than one long story. Come to think of it, when preparing a eulogy, a lifetime also becomes a series of vignettes – an accounting of stories by family where the details have faded like a photograph, but the sharpest details or strongest emotions are still outlined.
Every precious memory in your lifetime either begins with a smile, hug, tears, or heartfelt laughter.” ~Alvaretta Roberts
Having said that however, while not every vignette is worth recounting, I’ve started writing some of them down…not because they are memorable, but because they involved laughter. Hubby and I have been married 20 years, and there have been plenty of tears. I’m so thankful that at this stage in our lives, while there are still plenty of tears, most of them stem from laughter [mostly directed at me because I never cease to amuse…].
* * *
This was our conversation last night, while watching an ad on t.v.
Me: “I want one of those in our backyard.”
Hubby: “A buick?”
Me: “No. And not the hot chick in the bikini either.”
Hubby: “That would have been my second guess. Do you want the guy?”
Me: “No, I have one and, believe me, one is enough!”
Hubby: “Hmpf…the pigeons?”
* * *
This was our conversation last night in the bathroom as we brushed our teeth.
Me: “Look, I have some colour on my shoulders. Yeah.”
Hubby: “It looks like a sunburn.”
Me: “No, I’m just hot…I don’t have anyone to tell me I’m hot anymore.”
Hubby: “No, you’re hot…that’s why we’re running the air conditioning…because you’re hot…”
Get it? Sigh…
This was our conversation last night, as Hubby tucked me in to bed.
Me: (pointing to an open book on my night stand) I’m reading Little Guy Butt Wars again and it just occurred to me  – that’s my life on chili night. You guys grading sound, span, and smell.
Hubby: Ah…that’s every night, not just chili night.
Me: (sigh) Buttagedon!
Next vignette (in the probably not so distant future since these allow me to devote more time to building large castles in Minecraft): The toothbrush, Trapped, and maybe, Cleavage Chips.
Happy Tuesday!