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Road trips don’t always have to be boring, particularly when you’re the passenger (and you aren’t concentrating on the traffic and trying to put your foot through the floorboards where there should be a brake pedal, because you haven’t had your morning caffeine yet and you’re not fully awake.)

This Saturday, Big Guy and I left the house at the unearthly hour of 11 a.m. to head to his apartment. We were on a mission to excavate his dress shoes and tax forms.

We entertained ourselves by singing loudly and watching for interesting photos for my blog…

The first van we passed didn’t keep us guessing for long…

Pinball Machine

The next truck had the hood for a Model ‘T’. There’s no picture because I was stuffing my face at the time.

We passed the “Official” Schneider’s  meat billboard sign. At least the electronic part was stuck scrolling “Official” over and over, so I can only assume that all the other Schneider meat billboard signs are unauthorized.

 We passed several police cars and whistled nonchalantly.

We passed an owl in a tree…not looking amused.

We passed a “Downtown” sign with a broken leg, so that the arrow pointed to the ground (again, stuffing my face).

And finally, the great mystery photo…

Mystery Photo

It took us awhile to figure out what this was. Can you?

People get really nervous when they see you holding a camera in your car window. 🙂

The shoes were safely excavated, the toilet scrubbed, and a few other jobs tackled. By the time we returned to the city, it was late. So we went to McDonald’s and ordered Happy Meals…

…and now I’m coming down with the plague (again) and this post seemed a whole lot funnier on the weekend. Good times! 🙂