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It’s the Day of Reckoning! I knew this would be a big job, so I purposely broke it into smaller “chunks” – I couldn’t afford to be too tired to get through the rest of my day!

I said farewell to a large laundry basket of old clothes that had long outworn their use, including a big, fuzzy pink robe. I bought it in 1994 when I was receiving my education in lingerie, it had kept me warm when Little Guy was a baby, and in Hubby’s own words, it was “disgusting”! I also packed up a large laundry basket full of clothes that are gently used and ready for a new home. I sorted through sweaters, t-shirts, jerseys, blouses, skirts, pants and pajamas!

 I even unearthed a collection of prints. They were hanging in my bedroom when we were trying to have a baby, and the sight of them every night and every morning broke my heart.

I even solved a small storage issue with a hammer and nails…there was wasted space between the wall and the clothes bars, so with a few swings of a hammer, I can now hang up my extra purses, tote bags and belts. I only upset the dog next door for a few minutes. Why didn’t I notice this before?

This would have been a much bigger job if I hadn’t tackled it only 3 years ago. Hubby was in Europe on business, a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he suggested, since my parents were coming to stay with me any way, I could paint my bedroom. One day I’ll show you the finished result – it’s my favourite room in the house. Painting it had to include the closet too, so I emptied it all, even the shelves I’m ignoring for now. And because I wanted to get right to work and not want waste time sorting through “stuff”, so I sorted in one evening. Deadlines force you to be brutal!

To make a long story short, here’s what I’ve discovered:

  • most of my summer sun dresses are juvenile – bye-bye!
  • I own 1 pair of shorts (for working in the garden) – I hate shorts!
  • I own 1 pair of jeans that fit without sliding down – I checked the scales & woo hoo! Good news!
  • While my winter clothes are mostly dark and neutral, my summer clothes have lots of fun colours and prints.
  • I own a lot of camis and cardigans – I think they became an inexpensive way to add to items and colour to my wardrobe.
  • I own very few sweaters – I’m at that “stage of life” when I need to dress in layers or melt!
  • I still have quite a few “orphans” – focus on making outfits from my orphans!

Psychoanalysis – Here’s what it all means (maybe):

  • I am practical, down to earth and dull, but still willing to take some chances
  • I can express my soft and feminine side without getting lost in the past
  • I am less afraid to take risks – I can mix “old-world” and “new world” trends
  • I am more accepting of my hour glass figure – I choose figure-flattering clothes rather than hiding in a sack!
  • I don’t want to be a clone – I like unique pieces and details
  • I want to feel sexy and confident without sacrificing modesty and comfort
  • I am less afraid of being noticed and admired
  • I am still in the process of developing my style – but isn’t that a life-long process?

Now that I’ve cleaned out my closet…can I go shopping?