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Creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded.


I’ve spent the last 2 weeks working on some projects, always with tea close at hand. I turned Youngest Son’s “hole-y” jeans into a purse.

Slide the Arrows to see the front and back!!!

And like any good crafter, I see potential in everything. Especially if it’s free because, let’s face it, “retiring” so early means I don’t have an extensive budget. There’s also something magical about repurposing an item to create something new. I have a pair of perfectly good cable knit slipper socks (minus the heels) that are about to reborn as a pair of gnomes! I hope.

There are a lot cool ideas for teaware as well, and I thought I’d share 3 garden ideas today. It’s never too early to start planning for Spring!

My creative |Auntie M used an old, unremarkable tea cup to create birdfeeder for my garden.

With a little heavy-duty glue, old mugs and spoons can also be repurposed to feed our feathered friends.

And finally, old teapots and metal kettles can become vessels for herbs or flowers. These succulents will share my office desk until Spring, when they can once again grace my front porch!

I love older things that people have used and charished. They have personality, character, and soul.

Anne Hillegasse