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Dear Diary – I am happy to say that we are recovering from Covid-19! I was finally free, as of Sunday, to leave my room without a mask. O glorious freedom!

But I feel like I lost most of October, between the reaction to medication which caused the Death Flu and Covid-19. I also had that one terrifying day, and one week to clean in preparation for Eldest Son and his girlfriend’s visit Thanksgiving weekend. The Thanksgiving weekend and celebration that didn’t happen because Hubby tested positive for Covid-19.

Good times!

I say we are recovering, not recovered, because we’re still both barking like a dog, and I still tire more easily than usual. But I’m well enough to tackle the usual tasks: meals, laundry, dishes, and dusting! As you can imagine, I’m thrilled. Not! How is it possible for the living room to be dust-covered when no one has been in it for almost 2 weeks? But it’s only dust…not thick ropes of spider webs or mouse droppings. This “house of horrors” has been purged of covid’s evil spirits, and I pray that we’ll never suffer under it again.

Dear Diary – I talked to my rheumatologist today. I don’t always think he listens. I explained how I developed the Death Flu, again, when I took the sulfasalazine medication. This time, I started to feel like crap after 1 pill. After 2, I had a fever of 102 and it took me days to recover my strength.

He started talking about another medication with equally scary side effects, so I asked about increasing my current medication or trying something like prednisone. I understand, it has nasty things too, but they seem less nasty…He considered a few options out loud, then he asks me what I thought about trying just 1 sulfasalazine pill.


To be fair, we were on the phone, it was early, and I think I threw him when I didn’t do my normal thing and just say “ok”. 🙂

We discussed some options and I will be trying a new medication for 3 weeks…after I go for bloodwork early next week. This medication can cause weight gain and I’m not thrilled. I’m hoping if it helps, I can start walking again to counteract it. And, after being trapped in my room with Covid for 10 days, with a box of crackers that I had to ration, I lost a few pounds so I’m not packing more on top of the more that I’ve already packed on.

Does any of this make sense?

Dear Diary – I had a coughing fit the other day, and even as I was gasping for breath between rib-shattering convulsions, my hot from my exertion and tears streaming down my face, I wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. It might have been more hilarious if I wasn’t in such distress that I nearly throwing up a bunch of times! Thank heavens it’s been the only episode!

Dear Diary – I had another near death experience on the way home from the school, thanks to a white mercedes. (Do all mercedes drivers think they own the road? Asking for a friend!) It’s been awhile since I’ve had an encouner with a bad driver…on the way home from school. Other than the Fashionable Fran, a hot Mama (also in a white mercedes) who likes to stop in the middle of the street (preferably blocking the parking lot I pull into to drop Youngest Son) to let her precious darling out of the car. And never without a long conversation before her darling walks away. Ugh!

This shiny white car’s owner obviously strongly objected to me driving 55km in a 50km zone, so in an effort to speed me up, he tailgated me. Being a Monday morning, and having not consumed my morning caffeine yet, I was in not in a “generous” mood so I didn’t budge. I mean, I might have really stirred the pot if I had slowed down, but I didn’t want to get burned! So I continued on my merry way at 55!

Mr. Mercedes drove even closer. In fact, I’m pretty sure I saw steam pouring from his ears. The problem, dear diary, was that I was going to have to slow down to turn soon, and I knew that if I even touched the brake the width of a thread, he’d be kissing my bumper. And based on the colour of his face, his words would not be kind!

So I flicked on my turn signal before I took my foot off the gas to let him know what was coming. Well, of course, he whipped around me into the center turning lane, which I fully expected. What I did not expect was that he’d whip back into the driving lane at such a speed and angle, that had I not cranked the wheel to the right, Hubby’s car would be a crumpled mess from the bumper to my door!

I slammed the horn, once I was certain I wasn’t hearing metal on metal.

Mr. Mercedes only sped up to get away, waving…

I considered following him to get his license plate, but I’ve reported several dismal drivers before, and I doubt a single one suffered the slightest consequence. So I came home for tea…yorkshire tea on a silver platter.

I figured my stellar performance, both in controlling my mouth and keeping my head in the face of danger, deserved only the best!

Have you ever noticed anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone driving faster than you is a maniac?

George Carlin