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Let’s have a proper brew!

Auntie M recently gifted me with a box of Yorkshire Tea, a favourite of her friend, who laughably, shares the exact same first and last name! What are the odds!

Yorkshire Tea by Taylors of Harrogate, is a third generation Yorkshire family business born in 1886. Charles Taylor and his two sons started a tea and coffee company, experimenting with tea leaves to find an enjoyable cuppa with their local water. They even won a gold medal at the London Grocery Exhibition in 1896.

Harrogate comes from the location of its flagship store. Today it’s the home of Taylors’ sister company, Betty’s, which was established in 1919. The Yorkshire brew and brand began much later, in 1970, but with it’s treasured values of fairness, flavour, and quality.

They are the founding members of the Ethical Tea Partnership and the Rainforest Alliance. They strongly believe in paying fair wages, providing safe working conditions, partnering in fair trade with growers, and building long-term relationships with those in these communities. Sustainable growing practices is also important and the company meets “International Labour Standards and the environmental, working and social standards of third party certification.” Yorkshire tea is CarbonNeutral® certified. So far, over 1.5 million trees have been planted in Kenya with over 4,000 tea farmers. And they are committed to to making its packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

I’ll drink to that!

The tea itself is a what I’d call a “light tea”…the colour is a light golden colour, even when it’s been steeped for awhile. I found the taste reminiscent of green tea or chamomile; it had fairly grassy notes. I would enjoy it more as a hot afternoon tea, rather than the desperately needed richer black tea to break my fast.

The website is filled with lots of information about the company’s history, practices, and blend. And if you know where to look, there are fabulous ads, like the The Tea Song, and this one by actor, Sean Bean, who played Boromir in Peter Jackson’s movies, The Lord of the Rings.

Brothers. Sisters. Today a great legacy rests upon your shoulders, because here we make more than just tea. We make proper brews. Brews that bring more than a tear to your eye or warmth to your soul. So go out there and do it for each other, do it for yourselves, but most of all, do it for Yorkshire!

Sean Bean, Yorkshire Tea