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So, the heat advisors continue, which means a lot of people have been hanging out indoors to beat the heat, and they’re starting to get squirrely. I’m not quite one of those people…I prefer to stay in to avoid people, but I’m quite a nut, so this morning’s tea was David’s Pistachio Ice Cream.

I actually bought this awhile ago, tried it…and discovered: I’m don’t really like pistachios. I remember eating it as a kid…this bright green creamy dome on top of my cone…and I don’t remember ever saying “no”.

But there you have it!

This tea supports their Ethical Tea Partnership program, and contains a moderate amount of caffeine. It’s comprised of apple, black tea, almonds, pistachios, sweet blackberry leaves, natural cream flavouring and artificial pistachio flavouring. Aside from not being a fan of it’s nuttiness, it is both delicate in colour and flavour. As with any tea or infusions that include nuts, you will notice a slight oiliness on the surface of your beverage, but the texture is not oily. It is…kind of creamy.

David’s retired this tea recently, but has brought it back for another summer round, so if you like pistachios, better get it quick and squirrel it away.

I’m not sure ice-cream is the best way to beat the heat…but it’s worth a shot!

When I see your perfect body, I literally see all is the ice cream you’re not eating.