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Dear Diary – I never did hear from the bank. So around 1:30 Thursday afternoon, Youngest Son and I headed over to open a bank account for him.

It nearly didn’t happen.

After a long wait in line, I explained the reason for our visit and passed on our supporting documents. The teller then rather bluntly informed me of two things: he needed photo id and an appointment. His govenment issued photo id health card was not acceptable. I politely replied that I had called in the morning to see what he needed and never received a reply to my voicemail. I asked, “how do I to make an appointment and what is a 16 year old with no current passport or driver’s license supposed to use as photo id?”.

I then proceeded to stare her down.

Shortly thereafter, we were whisked into an office with another banker, and the process was completed with smiles and sweetness.

Now if he could just get his contract and pay check from his boss, we’d be all set!

Dear Diary – In advance of my running away from home holiday, I prepared a meal plan and got groceries for Hubby. Yes, I spoil him!

Both Hubby and Youngest Son helped to bring them in, since Hubby came home to work. With a large Rogers “blackout” he had no internet connection in the office.

Youngest Son noticed the entire side of the styrofoam tray holding a whole chicken was demolished.

“That’s a big bird. It crushed the package”, he said

“Yeah,” I said, “must have been an angry bird!”.

Dear Diary – Saturday was another hot and sunny day but I got to spend part of it attending a wedding rehearsal in a gorgeous backyard. My only job that day was to take notes for “the band”.

I didn’t need to take notes. The officiant was so efficient, that he had a 2 page order of service with meticulous notes…that had meticulous notes. In ridiculously small font. In fact, it was so meticulously detailed, it actually confused people. It took us over an hour just to read through it together as a group.

Then we ran through the whole thing (minus details like reading the vows and the 20 minute sermon)…twice!

I think it was the longest wedding rehearsal not at the venue in the history of wedding rehearsals. But then, I haven’t attended them all. My friend, the bride, was positively radiant. I’m so happy for her, and I would gladly sit through hours of rehearsal, just for her!

Dear Diary – I laughed at a Facebook memory today, from Vacation Bible Camp, 2009:

This week my name is “Jellybean” and I sail on the good ship “Lollipop” with Captain Kitty Kat.

Dear Diary – My friend is getting married!!!

Sunshine burst through the curtains Monday morning and I was filled with excitement and nervousness. Not only was my friend getting married, but she had asked me to sing at her wedding.

I have never sung at a major event before, not even for the seniors’ group at my former church. Surely she knew half a dozen other vocalists who would easily put my performance to shame? But she was adamant and sincere in her request. Plus she’s the bride. I was deeply honoured to sing for her.

I first met the bride a few years ago at church, and we quickly became friends. She is an outgoing, bubbly, fun and contageously joyful person. All the time. Even when she’s exhausted. She loves the Lord and she loves people. I got to encourage her as a new musician to worship teams, and she encouraged me back. She often dropped by on her lunch hour when I worked in the Cubicle of Purgatory, frequently with Tim’s tea for me. We’d talk about our jobs, our families, her social life, and of course, boys! I assured her repeatedly that he was out there and he would be SO worth the wait!

And he was!

I spent the morning fussing with my hair, applying paint to the barn make-up, and lamenting never finding a new dress. My friend, guitarist, and ride would be picking me up at 12:30.

By 12:40 I was beginning to wonder if he had forgotten me. When he called, he regaled me with the story of his morning. A member of his family had tested positive for covid, which cancelled golfing and instead he was helping to rearrange their home and lives for the foreseeable future. I texted the pianist that we were running late, and waited by the door.

We flew down the highway like 2 masked bandits running from the law, with the truck windows down. I was thankful I had spent all that time fussing with my hair!

The bride was absolutely radiant in a blush lace and tulle gown, which sparkled almost as much as she did! Her eyes never left her sweetheart’s face, and during the vows, she was rocking, so filled with joy she could hardly stand still.

I sang during the signing of the register. The officiant had actually shortened the medley I was asked to sing, which became a problem when the signing went on and on. The wedding planner, with wide eyes, kept waving her hands at us to continue. But the three of us are seasoned church musicians and have encountered more than one long-winded minister, and so we comfortably navigated between the two pieces easily. No one knew the difference.

I also sang for the recessional, but because the venue was in a large white tent outdoors, only the couple, parents, and small entourage walked down the aisle, and they were forced to listen to me belt out longer than necessary. It wasn’t a song I could just wrap in a moment’s notice.

By the end, of the cocktail hour, we had all nearly melted in the heat. Facemasks didn’t help, and in a crowd of 200, only 4 of us were wearing one. Fortunately, I was sitting with friends, one of whom was very good at catching the servers’ eye, so we got to sample all the hors d’ouevres. Well, they did. Most of them had fish or shellfish, which I can’t eat, but they looked delicious!

Dinner was also delicious: a mixed green salad with roasted tomatoes, poached pears and toasted almonds, followed by lemon and thyme cornish hen, red wine braised short ribs, mascarpone mashed potatoes, and grilled vegetables. Having noted I was lactose intolerant, I was given sherbet for dessert, instead of an apple blossom with butterscotch caramel and ice cream. BUT, not only did the friend at my table text photos of each plate to his family members who were unable to attend, he managed to snag an extra dessert, which he shared with me. I got the apple blossom – he got the ice cream.

Once the bride posts photos, I will too!

I always wanted a daughter, and I believe in a loving God. He doesn’t plant dreams in our hearts that He is unwilling to fill, and so my friend has sometimes felt like a daughter to me. I have prayed with her and for her. We have mourned and laughed together. At times, I have offered a little “motherly” advice and given her all my love. I’m so happy and excited for her. My beautiful girl is married!

[Love] always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails. 

1 Corinthians 13: 7-8

Dear Diary – The moon was orange and full, in stark contrast to the darkening sky. Youngest Son in the car beside me, tried to snap photos, as we travelled home. I think he captured it well…behind every tree.

Home is 2 places to me. Buildings, yes, but much more than plaster and brick. Home is the place where the people I love most abide. And for a few days, I am going home to be with my folks.

Youngest son’s new job is entirely online so he is free to join me.

I remembered everything when I was packing. Except that after I packed and loaded my suitcase in the car, I realized I had packed Hubby’s toothbrush, not Youngest Son’s. I made the switch! Only to find out that night that I had, in fact, not packed Youngest Son’s toothbrush. I had packed Oldest Son’s toothbrush instead.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

Except this time I am entirely to blame!

Today I am writing to you in my pjs, on the deck, enjoying bird song and sunshine. Am I too hot? Absolutely! Am I moving? Not a chance!

Family is where life begins and love never ends!