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Hello all! Today’s guest on What’s in My Cup is my beloved Eldest Son!

The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, lies in its loyalty to each other.

Mario Puzo

He’s my red-headed, hairy lumberjack, and often my partner in adventure. We’ve battled to save the world together and geek out as much as possible. And I could write a series of books describing how wonderful and sweet he is, and how very much I love him, but you’re here to read about tea instead! So please give a warm welcome to J!


Years ago, a longtime friend sent me a care package with a ton of goodies, including a collection of loose leaf tea.

Mom had just started getting into the obsession hobby, and being a coffee drinker, I didn’t even own an infuser.

So it sat.

We’ve cracked a few vials since then, on vacation and an occasional cup at home. Judging from what’s left, the “berry fruit tea” flavour is a favourite, though there’s a hibiscus & lemon vial that’s been tried too.

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional…Whose is whose?

So what have I picked for this review? Computer…

Famous words from an idyllic future?

Full confession, I meant to do a review months ago and forgot, and my second go ’round was less flavourful than I remember, but we’re not sure if maybe I skimped on the tea leaves, or if it just aged on me.

So after a third and fourth attempt, we abandoned my batch of tea leaves and opened Mom’s packet. Mom’s tea was called Cream of Earl Grey by Puck.

The first sips reminded me of every other tea, but after a second, I noticed it is very flowery…so orange pekoe and flowers?

All told, it’s not bad, but probably not a “go-to”, but as Mom said, maybe ‘you’ve just never had a proper cup of Earl Grey tea’ before.

Sorry, Mom!

Happiness [is] only real when shared.

John Krakauer, Into the Wild

BTW: If you would like to share your favourite tea and tea mug on the last Monday of the month, please pass it on!