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I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without it.

Breakfast teas are a blend of assam, and ceylon tea, black teas with higher caffeine levels to help you start your day.  And some days, we need that extra that kick to get going!

Irish Breakfast tea has a high concentration of Assam tea leaves in its blend, which gives it a vibrant, reddish colour and is known as a full bodied, malty and strong tea. The maltiness is a result of being grown in a very rainy, hot and humid climate in the Assam region of Northeastern India.

Irish Breakfast Tea by Twinings…plus a homemade hot cross bun. Perfect way to start the day!

It’s believed that Assam tea, was discovered growing wild in 1823 by Scottish adventurer, British Army Major Robert Bruce. The first packaged Assam tea was made available for purchase in England.

Though it has less caffeine than coffee, assam tea has a higher caffeine level than other black teas, making it the perfect type of tea in a breakfast blend. Some studies also suggest it boosts the immune system, and may provide stress relieving benefits.

Give me enough tea and I can change the world dress myself and use my adult manners.

Nanu Hoffman