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Life is better when you’re laughing.


There’s nothing quite like getting together with a fun group of ladies for some crafting and chatting to help you relax. Add tea, and it’s a perfect morning.

I recently shared a cup of Pukka’s “Relax”with a friend at a Ladies’ Craft ‘n Chat.

Relax is an organic, herbal infusion made with ethically sourced ingredients. Chamomile is one of the top 5 best teas for anxiety and stress. Relax also contains Sweet fennel seeds, licorice root, oat flowering tops, cardamom pods, ginger root, and marshmallow root. Pregnant and nursing women, and people with heart disease or high blood pressure should avoid licorice root completely. Everyone else should consume it in small quantities.

Marshmallow root was a new ingredient for us, but has been used for centuries to treat infections and improve digestion. It’s a hebal remedy with natural mucilage, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. Mmmm…mucilage. Mucilage is the sap-like component in the plant that behaves like a soft fiber; it swells up when combined with wate to create a helpful coating, particular for mucous membranes. THe root, leaves and flowers of the marshmallow plant are all edible, and yes, marshmallow root can be used to make marshmallows. The good kind you eat around the campfire.

Photo courtesy: Wikipedia

My friend and I agreed that this tea had a strong grassy note from the chamomile, a subtle licorice flavour, a bit of heat as if it contained ginger (which it does not), and overall a pleasant sweetness. It was a deeper golden colour than fennel tea, and was best consumed hot. Would either of us run out to buy some? Probably not. But if you like the flavours listed above and are looking for an ethically sourced, caffeine free tea for those tense times (or to slip into sleepiness), this might just be your cup of tea.

A cup of tea will restore my normality.

Douglas Adams