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Dear Diary – Something to ponder… Is 13 “bad luck” or does it become “bad luck” because a person is looking/waiting for something bad to happen? I don’t believe in luck. If I did, I’d have a lot of it…but not the good kind.

Murphy’s Law is another head-scratcher. Is it an active natural phenomenon or a self-fulfilling prophecy? I don’t know. It just seems after nearly a half century, in my life, if it can go wrong, it will.

I’m not sure what’s rising faster these days…our blood pressure, gas prices, or covid numbers. My guess is all 3! By now, everyone has heard how tempers flared at the Oscars and dissertations related to race, gender, and wealth are flooding the internet. We need to talk about these things because talking is the first step toward change. But there are a lot of ugly things happening everywhere in the world, and we need to talk about them too.

Gas prices are going up and down like the rodent in Whack-a-Mole. It’s hard to know where it’s going to be when you’re looking for it. It may be time to start planning an alternate route to my parents. If it’s 225 km and takes 2.5 hours by car, how long do you think it will be by canoe and portage?

We’re 11 days into covid restrictions being lifted here and I still haven’t ventured far from home. But I found it interesting that in the few places I have been in, most people still prefer to wear a mask. I was concerned that there would horror stories of harassment directed at those wearing masks. As numbers continue to climb, I will continue to wear a mask and exercise caution. But I’m hopeful that we can respect each others’ decisions and allow healing to take place.

In other news, the weather is just as topsy-turvy as the rest of the world. Last Thursday evening, as I walked to my car, I heard robins chuckling in the neighbourhood again. It even smelled like Spring. Not to be forgotten, winter graced us with snow and the roads were covered in ice on my very early morning commute to church Sunday morning. This week we also experienced rain, high winds, frigid temperatures, and sunny skies. Today, March is leaving like a lion, a wet roaring lion.

Elsewhere in the animal kingdom, winter’s grip is loosening and thoughts are turning to Spring. Despite the snow, when I got home from church, my backyard was filled with a cacophony of bird song. I’m noticing the squirrels playing tag in the trees. You know what that means…(brown chicken, brown cow)

Squirrel love…driving me mad. Making me crazy, crazy…

While the squirrels are busy chasing their tails, I’ve been chasing my dream to open an etsy store, and it hasn’t been an easy course. Last week, my brand new sewing maching wasn’t working. It was just another discouraging turn of events since the calendar changed from December to January.

This week, I ran away from home. With Hubby’s blessing. LOL I’m not sure when he married me that he understood “in sickness and health” meant spending his life with a crazy person who does weird things.

Life is all about finding people who are your kind of crazy.

I took my sewing machine back to the lovely store from whence it came (a 3 hour drive) , and lo! And behold! There is nothing wrong with the machine. It was the user the whole time!

The technician was a sweet, young thing who was more than happy to walk this old gal through the knobs and dials so I can sew fancy stitches and troubleshoot issues.

Because it’s me. And there will be issues. Some of them will be the machine’s issues.

I’m heading back to the city today. There are still a lot of appointments to make and attend. I tried to book a mammogram yesterday, only to get stuck in an endless loop of the clinic’s main message. Hubby’s second MRI is tomorrow. He survived Monday’s appointment without me. His chest hair is growing back. And while it’s completely plausible that more craziness will ensue and I will have more anxiety attacks, I’m feeling like my head is more tightly screwed on to my shoulders. Jesus is my Rock and foundation and I just have to keep standing on Him. One day at a time…

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
    my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge,

Psalm 18:2a