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Friday evening, Youngest Son brought home a treat to share with me: Bubble Tea. I tried Bubble Tea once before and I wasn’t a fan, but I was willing to try it again.

Bubble tea is a tea-based drink mixed with fruit, milk or flavoured syrup, and chewy chewy tapioca balls, known as bubbles, pearls or boba). It was invented in Taiwan in the 1980’s.

This particular bubble tea flavour was called London Fog and it’s believed to have been created in Vancouver, Canada! It is Earl Grey tea with vanilla, and frothed or steamed milk, which is the “fog”. Earl Grey tea has a highly floral aromatic from the oil of bergamot, and the addition of milk or cream made it smooth and very creamy. I really liked the addition of vanilla as it balanced out the strong floral notes.

Tapioca is starchy substance in the form of hard white grains, obtained from cassava, the tuberous root of a tropical tree. In this drink, the tapioca balls were small and a dark blue or purple, and strangely, tasted like blueberries. They were tasty, but I couldn’t get past the smooth balls and chewy texture. Not even to swallow them whole.

Still, I appreciated Youngest Son’s thoughfulness and I enjoyed sharing tea with him.

It feels like an honour to share a cup of tea with other people. It feels like an act of grace.

Oprah Winfrey