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I’m very pleased to introduce my next “Guest What’s in my Cup” from a really great friend, Sam. We’ve been friends a long time and share many of the same passions, including music, worship, and tea! Sam was also one of my “bosses” when I was the Gatekeeper in the Cubicle of Purgatory, so we got to share lots of great teas. He even shared his 24 Days of Tea Advent calendar with me. Like I said, a great friend!


As I sit in my office looking outside, it’s cold. The weather today said it was -20 kajillion below zero, and it is! I’m holding a mug that slightly burns my fingers, full of a new hot tea, and I don’t mind. The mug is from Tyndale, the school where I completed my Doctorate last year. They gave me this mug during week 1 of the program. Even though it’s over I’m slightly unnerved even by the memory of the stress and the struggle of that season.

What’s in my cup? Jasmine Tea. I’m not normally a fan of jasmine tea; I actually have avoided it over the years. This tea was actually given to me as a Christmas gift. All 2000g of it. Yep, 2000g of a tea I don’t like! Today, the tea is growing on me.

I have been given specific instructions on how to brew this cup of tea. It’s proving to be quite a refreshing experience. I took half the amount of tea that I normally brew in a cup, around 1 tbsp. I let it steep only for about 2 minutes. Once it was brewed, I took a spoonful of honey and mixed it in. Honey is not particularly a new revelation for tea but to be honest, I’ve never done. It quite nicely offsets the bitter taste of the tea.

As I sit in my office with this surprisingly refreshing (to me) brew and ignore the chirps from my email screaming for my attention, I’m reminded how trying new things can be quite rewarding. Whether it’s deciding to go back to school with two kids under 6 and a third on the way or throwing bee barf into my drink, the payoff can be quite amazing. I do have to admit that not everything new I try turns to gold, even though I remember reading that footnote in the contract of life. Lots of things that I’ve tried over the years has proved to be an utter waste of time, resource and money. The lost money on buying and cutting wood the wrong length for a reno or the time I drove 40 minutes to realize the tires I wanted to buy were the wrong size.

As I sip my tea, I need to remind myself that risk can be worth reward, even if it ends in disappointment more often. I need to focus on trying new things and jumping into new opportunities because if I don’t I am going to miss a lot of great things. If I watch opportunities go by because of the risk, I will never get to experience some beautiful moments that God might want to show me. Not everything new I do will turn out awesome but it doesn’t have to, and that’s ok.

As for today and the bitter cold, this cup of tea was completely worth revisiting rather than viewing it as something to write off because ‘I don’t like that and it doesn’t work for me’. The risk is worth the possible disappointment or potential of simply being.