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Life is like chocolate…sometimes you gotta deal with nuts!

I recently baked some Date, Almond & Yogurt Bread and I tossed in some walnuts and chocolate chips too. Why not? It was sweet and crunchy, but a little heavy, but just right with a cup of tea.

But let’s not talk about the calories.

You may be nuts, and sometimes be I’m in the mood for something “Nutty”. Two of my all-time favourite “nutty” teas are no longer available: Teavana’s Caramel Almond Almaretto and Coco-Caramel Sea Salt. So I’ve been on the hunt for replacements.

If you’re feeling nutty, here are a few options to consider:

Forever Nuts by David’s Tea is a strong contender. This fruit infusion from Germany is caffeine-free. It contains dried apple, almond slices, cinnamon bark, beetroot and roasted almond flavouring. The beetroot gives it a lovely and tempting rosy colour, similar to beloved almond almaretto. It is has both sweetness and a lovely fruity tang, with just a hint of almond in every cup. No extra calories!

David’s Tea Caramel Shortbread is also a strong contender. It’s an herbal tea blend composed of apples, raisins, elderberries, willow bark, almonds, hazelnuts, sour cherries, raspberries, and sweetened with stevia extract and brown sugar. It may not be as satisfying as real shortbread cookies, but it still had the sweet buttery caramel smoothness. It’s also a tempting rosy colour and satisfies like a dessert.

If you like walnuts, try David’s Carrot Cupcake tea. It smells like carrot cake and cream cheese icing, but tastes like cinnamon-apple pie, with just a hint of walnut. This American caffeine-free rooibos tea contains carrots, cocoa shells, cinnamon, apple, ginger, licorice root, and natural whipped cream and apple flavour. It’s also kosher.

Or if you like peanuts, try David’s Peanut Butter Cup tea. It’s inspired by the sweet, rich (and might I add), deeply satisfying confection! It’s important not to skimp when filling your infuser or you’ll risk a weak flavour. I made that mistake the first time. It is a blend of apple, cocoa bits, almonds, chocolate chips, and safflower. That’s right, no peanuts. The colour is a pale yellow with a lovely roasted peanut flavour.

So whether you like nuts, or you are nuts, just know…I’m nuts about you!

Happy Monday!