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I’m very pleased to introduce my first “What’s in my Cup” guest and a very special woman: my Mom!


I am a self confessed tea granny, with tea granny genes, which I have passed on to my daughter. And when she ran out of ideas for her blog, she called on her readers to share some of their favourite teas & teacups.

Then she asked her mother.

Now while Jennifer loves to try new teas & flavours, I prefer mine strong, hot, black, & fully loaded with caffeine. She keeps plying me with wonderful new flavours, some caffeinated & some not; others, flowery, nutty, maple-y.

I have decided that I prefer the richer stronger flavours over the flowery ones.

One of my favourite decaffeinated teas is also a comfort food. When I feel like I’m getting a cold or just feel crummy, I brew some Tetley Lemon Ginger tea. I love the lemon with just a hint of ginger. It is herbal & best sipped hot & clear, to allow the full lemon flavour to come through.

I’m serving it in a fragile semi transparent teacup that belonged to Jenn’s grandmother. Wish we knew its story.

Now dear readers of this blog, be brave & send your own tea choice. I know some of you & will be watching for your contributions. 😉

Photo courtesy of My cool Dad!

Now to enjoy my lemon ginger tea!

Life handed me lemons, so I made lemonade, lemon cake, lemon drops, and I even used the rinds to make lemon art. So, the joke is on you, life, haha!

Emilyann Allen