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What goes best with tea?

Well, scones obviously.

Or cookies.

But the answer I was looking for was cake.

Little Guy celebrated his sweet 16 this weekend, and I have been informed that since he nearly towers over every member of our immediate family, (and has long objected to the nickname “Little Guy”), I have to come up with a new nickname here. Tall and short are out as that offends the older the brother, who is shorter than Little Guy, but obviously, still towers over me. Beard and No Beard may only work for a couple more years. Dumb and Dumber doesn’t work because sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart. Also, as a Mom, I should be more sensitive. No.1 and No.2 makes me think of bathroom jokes, which I’m sorry, work at any age (can you tell I live with men?). Finally, first initial works is kinda boring (I was not dumb goofy enough to do the same). I’m open to suggestions!

Since “formerly named Little Guy” expressed NO opinion on the flavour of his cake (obviously he inherited defective genes from the other side), I chose one of my favourites, chocolate (I got good genes from my Dad!) And what better way to celebrate chocolate than by adding tea, English Breakfast tea. I first used this recipe for Chocolate Tea cake for my own birthday cake in 2019 and immediately fell in love. Even though, let’s be honest, it’s hard not to love ANY chocolate cake. For starters, it was simple to put together, and after my plethora of baking disasters, easy is greatly appreciated! Richly dark in colour, the texture was moist and light with a decadent chocolate flavour.

C grade for decorating but A for effort and lack of tears!

There are a few theories about how the English Breakfast tea blend came to be (and yes, it differs from Irish Breakfast and Scottish Breakfast blends). One theory involves Queen Anne; the other theory, trade embargos during the Opium Wars (1839-1860). However it came to be, English Breakfast tea is a strong and bold tea mostly composed of Assam and Ceylon tea leaves. Both are classified as black teas, and certainly provide lots of caffeine to help kick-start the day.

Or in our case, keep the party going all evening! And the next day….and the day after that. Yum!

A party without a cake is just a meeting!

Julia Child