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Dear Diary – Do you know that awesome moment when you wake up in the morning and you are full of energy? Me neither!

School has recommenced and with September comes the promise of cooler days in which to accomplish great things. One would think one would be invigorated, like the frantic squirrels in the yard, working to prepare for long, sleepy days indoors once the snow flies. Not so!

I am still on summer time and getting my butt in gear has been painful. My alarm sings just 8:30 weekday mornings and I stumble out, zombie-like, just in case Little Guy hasn’t gotten himself up for school. After having kids in school for the last 27 years, I have developed a form of school-related PTSD and I panic just thinking about an email or a call from the school! We’re into the second full week of school, and I’ve already had 1 phone call and 2 emails, but the school messed up, not us! Chocolate got me through!

I’m trying to re-establish a routine with my blog, sewing, Bible study, and housework. So far, I’ve accomplished a lot in my Minecraft world. I did remove a layer of dust in the living room and evicted several dust bunnies in various rooms. Most of the stuff I transported between home and my parents’ place has been put away. And my basil plant on steriods has been stripped. I think it finally wore itself out and is getting ready for winter too.

One afternoon I tackled the extra basket of tomatoes that weren’t needed for chili sauce. I peeled, chopped, and roasted them with garlic, onions, celery, and fresh herbs, and froze them in 2 baggies. It took me 2 hours and the savings are in the negative.

I completed another japanese knot bag and it’s my new favourite.

I showed it to my friend who has been my facemask saleswoman. She thought it was cute and that absolutely no one would buy it because “you can buy shopping bags at Dollerama”. I think mine are prettier! She also suggested $25 was too much. I know it seems like a lot from the perspective of someone who isn’t a crafter. If you haven’t done it, you don’t realize the cost of materials or just what all is involved. I’ve done my market research and mine are $30-40 less, plus I’m not getting paid. I’m basically just getting reimbursed for the materials. I’m new at this, without reputation or connections. My sewing machine is older than I am, but I’m having fun making plans! I would rather try and fail, than watch my neighbour walk her dog…or clean the bathtub! 🙂

It seems we’ve spent a lot of money in recent weeks. We had to replace a sewer pipe and run a liner to the street. I would mind less if it meant my toilet flushed reliably, but it’s still fickle. At least I probably won’t have to deal with poo water in laundry room again. We’ll see what happens with the next chili night! We have a roofer coming to finalize paperwork for some new shingles next week. And this week, I replaced the tires on my car. Apparently at least one was diamond-shaped. I was grateful to hear that it wasn’t a result of my driving, but an internal flaw in the tire.

If being an awesome driver was a crime, I’d be serving a life sentence.


On pleasant days, Hubby and I try to go for a long walk. He’s off this week, so we even went twice in one day! It nearly killed me and my thighs almost started a fire.

Over the summer, Hubby lost 10lbs. Maybe it was his cooking. He won’t have to look far for them…they migrated over to me, and brought friends. So I’m trying to implement my old weight watcher regime and get active. In the real world, not my Minecraft world, where I am lean and spry. It’s hard! Grocery shopping online two weeks at a time means my options are limited when I want to nibble. I splurged on a basket of peaches for my evening snack, only to have them start to mould the first night. I salvaged what I could, but they were hard with a weird texture, like they’d frozen in the back of the fridge. I’ve been mourning my peaches every evening. Despite my efforts, the waistband of my jeans still hasn’t started to become the least bit agreeable.

I also splurged on a new dress in a mini shopping spree with Mom in August. I feel “pretty, oh so pretty” in it, and I was hoping to wear it this Sunday when I lead worship for the first time in my new church. (I’m really nervous). Having worn it on a previous Sunday, I hand-washed it on the weekend and hung it out to dry. Last night I noticed the colour ran and the white stripes are not so white any more. As disappointing as that was, it also didn’t run evenly, so there were uneven splotches of colour in the white stripes. I put in an emergency call to my Mom. I soaked it in cold, salty water. I scrubbed. It’s slightly better but it’s still not the crisp contrast it once was. I contacted the company but I’m not holding my breath.

I was worried I’d be out of breath when I saw the physio torturer therapist after not seeing her for a few weeks. My rheumatologist suggested I try acupuncture and my therapist seemed too eager for my liking. I don’t know if it helped, but I enjoyed the 15 minute rest with the heating pad, while it did whatever magic it was supposed to do.

This post is my 1,750th. I’ve been writing for 10 years. I know writers who have been blogging for less time and have three times more followers. Some have gone on to greater writing opportunities, and when I began, I certainly thought I might as well. I hope it’s been a blessing for them too.

I realize I’ve rambled on with not much to say today, dear diary, but not every week is an exciting week, filled with adventures or stories. Still…

There’s a roof up above me, I’ve a good place to sleep
There’s food on my table and shoes on my feet
You gave me your love, Lord, and a fine family
Thank you Lord, for Your blessings on me.

Jeff & Sheri Easter