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Emerald hills and turquoise seas
Endless canvas brushed with trees
That sway so gently in the hue
Of watercolor azure blue

Waves that ripple through my mind
Touch sun-kissed sugar sands of time
As whispered winds so softly sigh
A dreamlike lazy lullaby

Douglas J. Olsen, Paradise

OK, so I may not be in a tropical location this morning, but we’re still experiencing tropical temperatures, high humidity, and sunshine sparkling off a backyard pool. I’m hanging with my folks and my kids this week, and that’s paradise for me.

Iced tea is essential and David’s Tropic Tango fits the bill. This caffeine-free sweet and fruity infusion contains apple, candied mango, candied papaya, hibiscus blossoms, beetroot, carrot, and cornflower blossoms.

This tea has a tart, fruity flavour that makes your mouth water. Like a vibrant tropical flower, the beetroot ensures a bright, appealing, rosy colour. The predominant flavours are mango, papaya and coconut. It is sweet and tangy, with a slightly artificial flavour, that is accentuated when served as a hot tea. But as an iced tea it is quite refreshing! Sweet enough in fact, I didn’t feel the need to add any sweetener. Someone suggested adding soda water or a pop like gingerale for the perfect party punch! Now to just close my eyes and let my imagination sail away…

You look out into the water; the waves make the most beautiful sound. A place you find peace and comfort…
A place to clear your thoughts and leave everything behind.

Ralph P. Quinonez, The Peace of the Beach

Happy Monday!