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That soothing sensation of serenity when you’re on vacation, particularly in the Great Outdoors, is irreplaceable. But even if you can’t get here, thanks to Covid, there’s still a way to capture (or recapture) that sense of peace…

Studies have shown that just by looking at photos of nature for as little as five minutes can have a similar calming effect on the brain. How? The images engage the part of the central nervous system that helps us relax, and therefore help to calm our anxiety and fear. Especially photos with just a little green in it!

Another study encouraged people to take photos of either themselves, things that made them happy, or things to share because they know it would make others happy.

Those who took selfies found themselves more comfortable in the their own skin, and therefore, more confident.

Those taking photos of things that make them happy reported an increased sense of appreciation and joy in the day-to-day.

And finally, those who snapped and shared photos with others in mind reported less stress and an increased sense of connection in these relationships.

So take some time this week to look at photos of the people or things that make you happy, share an image or two, or take your camera for a walk in your home or your neighbourhood. Engage your senses. Appreciate your blessings.


Happy Monday!