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What do you call a sad strawberry?

A blue berry.

Don’t be sad, because even in the midst of winter, you can enjoy the delightful taste of summer’s blueberries.  They’re the most nutrient-rich berry, packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, and potassium, and plenty of healing properties.

I brought in another tea connoisseur this week: my Mom. We did a taste comparison of David’s Blueberry Fields Forever tea and David’s Blueberry Jam. While we liked both teas a lot, both we each had a favourite!

Mom’s pick was Blueberry Fields Forever. This tea blend has an oolong base and includes apple, bean peels, blueberries and blueberry leaves, elderberries, hibiscus blossoms, violet blossoms, cornflowers, butterfly pea flowers, natural flavouring and stevia extract. It had a delicate, fruity scent and the butterfly pea flowers, a Southeast Asian flower, gave it a rosier hue. Just what you’d expect from blueberry tea! Mom felt this tea had a more natural and sweet, spirited blueberry flavour.

My pick was Blueberry Jam. This tea has a black tea base, and some of the same ingredients. Blueberry Fields has more florals and therefore was slightly sweeter. Since black tea is oxidized longer than oolong, it was a darker hue, more akin to plain black tea. The aroma was stronger and I thought the flavour was more a blend of various berries, not just blueberry, but still rich, vibrant and delicious.

Both blueberry teas are fruity and flavourful…and caffeinated! Blueberry Fields is less expensive than Blueberry Jam, but not “less than” in terms of taste. The difference is likely that Blueberry Jam’s ingredients are organic and Fairtrade. Blueberry Fields’ oolong tea supports the Ethical Tea Partnership program.

In terms of tea, neither blend left us feeling blue!

Forget who you are and why you’re here-all that foolishness.
In the woods the bushes are full of blueberries; go and pick some.

Marty Rubin

Happy Monday!